Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bhopal survivors march to Delhi

Bhopal gas tragedy needs no introduction. Justice is denied to the victims even three years after the tragedy. Indian government shows keen interest in developing Dow's business in India, instead to bring it to trial. Victims took a Padayatra from Bhopal to Delhi early in 2006. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh agreed to meet the padyatris after a long hunger strike. Then he promised safer drinking water and funds to address all health issues related to contamination. Promise was not kept. Now the victims took another Padayatra and reached Delhi on 28th March. Injustice to Bhopal people is the best example on how governments behaves - completely ignoring people to satisfy the interests of corporates. Cuddalore is another example. Instead to shutting the industries which pollutes the air and makes the land and water unusable, government is promoting more such industries. These notorious chemical factories in SIPCOT Cuddalore don't follow safety norms, quiet often leading to accidents. An accident of Bhopal scale is yet to happen. If happens we will face the same injustice faced by Bhopal victims today.

Extend you support to padyatris by sending free fax to Prime Minister.

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