Monday, March 03, 2008

SIPCOT pollution update

CUSECS leaks once again -

Cuddalore, February 14, 2008 -- Living up to its reputation of being a repeat environmental offender, the common effluent collection and forwarding facility CUSECS sprung a leak near the Thamaraikulam (Lotus Pond) of Karaikadu. The leak occurred within an inspection tank built over CUSECS pipelines. The inspection tank was filled to overflowing with toxic effluents that entered the pond and enclosed the area where a public drinking water tap is located.

The District Environmental Engineer of Tamilnadu Pollution Control Board was available on site. He left after a septic tank cleaning tanker truck pumped in the effluents and carried it to an undisclosed location, and after fresh earth was spread over the flooded area. No clean-up was conducted and no information is available as to where the tanker truck disposed of the effluents. CUSECS officials said the effluents had spilled from an old pipe that is currently not being used full story>>

Shasun Suffers Tummy Upset; Spews Bad Odour, Black Smoke -

Cuddalore, February 25, 2008 -- At 3 p.m. on 24 February, and 4 a.m. on 25 February, SACEM recorded incidents of serious air pollution by Shasun Chemicals. SACEM observers photographed black smoke emanating from Shasun, accompanied by an intense smell of pesticides in the air. Early on 25 February, SACEM monitors also observed black smoke from Tantech and SPIC full story>>

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