Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sign board in bad state

This sign board is situated opposite to the New Cinema theater. Until a few years ago this yellow board was glittering, giving out information about distances of various towns from Cuddalore. But now it has got rusted and damaged and the information is not clearly visible. This board is now being used for pasting posters and to support digital banners.

Another sign board in a similar state is near the water filling office at the South end of Nethaji road.

Replacing these old boards with new green colored board of reflecting type will help in travellers getting quick information while passing through Cuddalore .

Repetition of this problem can be prevented if stern action is taken against the offenders who paste posters over it. Only if this offence is considered on par with destruction of any other public property and the offenders (either the people pasting it or the people for whom the poster is printed) are punished, these type of making the town uglier could be prevented.

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