Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Drainage construction and water distribution pipes

Most parts of Cuddalore was without any drainage facility for all these years. But all in a sudden drainage construction on either side of the roads has begun, while the underground drainage construction work is already in progress.

During the drainage line construction municipal water pipe lines are badly damaged, and no proper replacements are made in most cases. As a result water keeps leaking for for months and sometimes year together. In even worser cases drainage mixes with the drinking water.

The picture below shows the drainage construction work at Bodi Chetty Street in Thirupadhiripuliyur. Just two years back a drainage line constructed in this place. Now a new line is being built demolishing the old one. I don't understand the purpose behind this. I fact none of the residents of the street does.

This street is one of the oldest streets in the town. The drainage level is raised (probably because the road level is going to be raised). Old houses in this street will go below the road level. When there is a rain, water from road will flow into drainage line and from drainage lines into these houses.

Broken municipal water pipes leaking

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