Sunday, March 23, 2008

Un-planned drainage work troubles residents of Srinivasa Pillai Street

With the ongoing works for laying underground drainage going on in many parts of Cuddalore, the slow progress of the work is bringing much hardship to the residents of Srinivasa Pillai Street situated in Thirupadhiripuliyur.

Above is the rough map of the street which is situated near the Thirupadhiripuliyur Police station. For the residents of Srinivasa Pillai Street to move out, there are four exit points. With the drainage canal laying work being done in Bodi Chetty street and Sanjeevi Naidu street, the exit points 2, 3 and 4 are blocked and people find it difficult to move out only through the point 1. More than 5 weeks have passed since these ways were cut off for regular vehicular movement and the laying of culvert at these three points are yet to start.

This is the exit point 2, which connects to the Bodi Chetty street. The passage was disconnected 5 weeks back and the culvert construction is yet to start.
Elderly people and school children are the most affected and there has been many instances where children have fallen into this sewerage while crossing on the temporary narrow slab.
The exit points 3 & 4 have been disconnected for the past five weeks.

Underground Drainage work in Srinivasa Pillai Street

The work for under ground drainage at Srinivasa Pillai street was started four weeks back. So far the initial stage of constructing the manhole is completed for half of the street on the Northern side.
The mud taken out from these pits had not been cleared for the past four weeks and during rains it makes the little existing passage more slippery with two wheeler riders losing control and falling down and four wheelers getting struck up in the mud.

As the drainage is not being cleared in a regular manner for long time the level of drain water has come up resulting in sewage flowing into drainage line of one of the houses. The above picture shows mud removed from the sewerage by the resident.

A pit for constructing manhole was dug up and two cart loads of the mud dumped at this private place. Since it was not cleared and the place is needed for parking vehicles, the people themselves have taken the task of levelling the mud.

With the materials required for laying drainage pits lying haphazardly for more than a month, people are finding it difficult to use the road.

Timely intervention is needed for building these three culverts, removal of debris and moving out the mud promptly once it is dug up is highly required to avoid hindrance to the residents and users of the Srinvasa Pillai Street.

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