Sunday, February 27, 2005

News archives on Cuddalore

Here are some links from unknow site having a good archive on the aftermath of tsunami.

Earthquake 2004 Cuddalore archive

Earthquake 2004 Cuddalore

Two more greiving photographs from Cuddalore

Here are links to photographs taken by Gaurdian Limited,UK.

Women mourn at the side of a mass grave

Parents mourn their son is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

Cuddalore getting yet another facelift

Yep Cuddalore is getting yet another facelift.Able to guess what am I about to talk.Exactly :) there are so many high mass lamps installed in all the major road junctions in Cuddalore.

An encouraging news that a few such light will be installed in Cuddalore OT.One must always remember that there is no complete Cuddalore without Cuddalore OT.It was in state of complete neglegence.Hopefully now its getting the attention it deserves.


First i appologise for not posting these many days.I was a bit busy on these days.

ok.Hope you would have heared about the World Press Photo Award was won by Aryo Datta for his photography visualising the aftermath of tsunami.You will be surprized to know the photograph which won the award was taken in Cuddalore. Have a look at the photograph

Woman mourns relative killed in tsunami

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Into the woods

I am amazed to see the road from the bus stand is laid into the woods.Let us see what happens in the days to come.
I appologize for not being able to post for more that 20 days.Please keep visiting this blog there will be News/topics soo.Also please add comments.