Wednesday, May 30, 2007

NINTH DAY of Padaleeswarar Temple festival

The magnificent car festival marked the ninth day of the temple festival.

Some problem happened. Being attended.

The magnificent idols adding fancy to the Lord's vehicle.

There were too many people found inside the Car.

The ambulance and fire engine following as a precautionary measure to handle any emergency.

EIGHTH DAY of Padaleeswarar Temple festival

The Lord making the veedhi ula as Pitchandavar in the evening.

The next programme that followed was Thanga Kailaya Vahanam in the night. But I was not able to cover the event.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

FIFTH DAY of Silver Beach Summer festival

The evening which had just witnessed a rain made a good start with the speech by the dignitaries.
The dignitaries speech included a gift for the Cuddaloreans - there will be a watch tower built near the shore for the delight of the people of Cuddalore.

Prizes were given away to the winners of various events that had happened all during the festival. The body builders who came to get their prize made a good time for the photographers.

The fire works glittered the evening sky amusing the audience.

A performance by tribal people. The songs by them had very strong words. The dance by the girls made waves.

We might have seen the usual Bharatanatyam. But a boy of about 12 years age named Kasirajan from Pondy performed the feat with roller skates in his legs. At such an young age this wonder kid has perfected the art of dance plus the skating sport.

The performance of the cine troupe should start next. But their arrival and setting up of light and sound equipments made some delays. The organisers were pretty enough to make the delay into a good show. They made a sudden plan to insert a program by Kalakkal Man Saravanan. A pretty moments for the audience bursting into laughter by the good jokes of Saravanan. Although he has come for the day to get the prize for the programme he conducted on second day of summer festival, a sudden announcement welcomed him for the programme. Although its an adhoc show his performance was perfect in amusing the Cuddaloreans..

Now the programme by the cine troupe started with Snake Saravanan. The audience were dumb chilled on seeing such a long snake.

Oh the snake is biting his touge..
The dance programme started with Vandemataram song.

A perfect
Bharatanatyam dance.
Guess which great actor was mimicked..

Then came the much awaited dance by cine actress. The sound made by the audience outweighed that from the sound speakers.

A perfect dance from the youth team.

A chill wave passed to the audience..
Somewhat glamorous but wonderful dance .

The performers were so fast in their steps and perfect.

The next show combined dance with magic.
Audience were guessing for the natural legs and artificial legs of this man. But all guesses made were wrong it seems. No one could judge the correct answer. The performance by this chap was very much thrilling.
A nice dance..

A part of the crowd. Hard enough to find free space .

This actor who has acted in movies like Sivakasi is part of the troupe.

A good dance and the costumes are good too...

A pair who presented the snake dance made a good and fast performance.

A somewhat risky step.
A nice dance..

The dance that chilled the audience..


Aathadi ...

The laka laka laka - Chandramukhi has arrived.

The face expression was very nice.

Nanu Chandramukhi

A good dance.
Its rather hard to guess how these performer were so quick in getting ready for the different songs with different costumes. A well trained troupe.

The vazha meenu song.

The karakattam man who made wonders
-) with thambula thattu
-) On a wooden plank atop just 3 soft drink bottles - too risky
-) On a silver kudam

A chilling dance..

Of course this was the only second song where the traditional saree was worn by the dancer.

The ghana song from Paruthi Veeran made its debut. The youth in the troupe made a nice show and with costumes aptly matching to the song situation.

Oh its just ticking nearer to midnight..

A part of the government officials who ensured the good running of the show and safety for the public. A great work from them indeed. If anybody is telling "government machinery is not working", just ask them to visit the Cuddalore District and take note of the systematic ways to organise each every event.
Remember our district is the first in making up the Tsunami Rehabilitation. The world took note of it.

The team leader of the Public Relations Department announcing the vote of thanks.

Ya at last I got the chance to photograph the man in close up. This is the person behind the success of the event.
The nice approach by this energetic man is the motivation factor that has made wonders in making the summer festival a magic.

The festival is well organised and without any untoward incidents.
In public gatherings of similar strength the usual announcement on the PDA will be the cautioning of public against thieves.
But there was no incident of thieves or any untoward events. Even a money purse left by a person was ensured that it has reached its owner.

An exemplary performance by the District Administration.

A BIG SALUTE to them...