Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fishes found dead and floating in SIPCOT

Fish Kill in SIPCOT, Cuddalore -

Cuddalore, 20 May, 2010: Villagers living near the SIPCOT Industrial Estate in Cuddalore reported a serious fish kill yesterday in the Thamaraikulam Pond along the East Coast Road. SIPCOT Area Community Environmental Monitors who inspected the site suspect a possible leak from the pipeline conveying effluents from Arkema Chemicals, Bayer, Pioneer and Pandian Chemicals that runs alongside the pond.

At least 100 fish were found dead and floating in the pond. The District Environmental Engineer, when contacted over phone by SACEM, said the TNPCB had already visited the place and taken samples of water and fish.

A written complaint regarding the fish kill has been made to the District Collector and the TNPCB.