Saturday, December 27, 2008

Silent rallies, prayers mark fourth anniversary

Silent rallies, prayers mark fourth anniversary - The Hindu

Special Correspondent

Families living along the coast performed pujas and paid floral tributes to those who perished in 2004

CUDDALORE: Silent processions and prayers on Friday marked the fourth anniversary of the tsunami, which left a trail of devastation in about 60 coastal villages in Cuddalore and Villupuram districts in 2004.

Families living along the coast performed pujas and paid floral tributes to portraits of those who perished.

At Thevanampattinam, a wreath was placed at the memorial erected in memory of those who were killed.

Several fishermen stayed away from the sea on Friday. While some of them were wearing black bands, some households hoisted black flags.

Children rendered orphans and accommodated at the Seva Illam in Semmandalam here, lit candles and offered prayers.

Collector Rajendra Ratnoo, Cuddalore MLA G. Aiyappan, Municipal Chairman T. Thangarasu and other officials were present. Mr. Aiyappam hosted a lunch for the children.

Three non-governmental organisations - National Consumer Protection Movement, Singaravelar Munnetra Sangam and Cuddalore District Meenavar Peravai - took out silent rallies from the Periyar statue, the Manjakuppam grounds and Thevanampattinam. All of them congregated at the Silver Beach.

In Villupuram, those living along the coast at Koonimedukuppam, Mudaliarkuppam, Panichankuppam, and Pudukuppam offered prayers on the seashore.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Fishermen obstruct dredging work

Fishermen obstruct dredging work - The Hindu

CUDDALORE: Fishermen and women of Pettodai near Puduchathiram here gathered in strength on the seashore on Tuesday and obstructed Nagarjuna Oil Corporation Ltd from going ahead with dredging work.

They pointed out that the private company that was in the process of setting up an oil refinery in the area had put up a jetty there. The dredging was taken up to enable the vessels carrying crude oil to reach the jetty.

They voiced their apprehension that deepening the sea close to the shores would expose them to the danger of sea incursion.

In the post-tsunami context they were living in mortal fear and moreover the sea that turned rough often had drastically affected fishing operation and caused a deep dent in their earning capacity.

Hence, they would not allow any wanton destruction of the ecology in the area and felt that the dredging augured ill for the residents of the coastal area. They also laid the preconditions that the company in the first place put up a protective wall along the coast and also build permanent houses for them so as to ensure their safety.

They alleged that earlier the company had acquired the land for the refinery at a cheaper rate. The price was not agreeable to them and hence, urged the company to revise the price and hand over the difference amount without delay.

A posse of policemen led by Assistant Superintendent of Police Narendran Nair pacified them with the promise that further talks would be held on their demands on December 25.

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pollution Control board's "friendly report"

Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Broads conceals violations by Shasun chemicals in its "friendly report".

"The company has more than 4000 tons of hazardous wastes lying in its premises, and was recently caught red-handed for attempting to smuggle toxic wastes for illegal dumping." full story>>

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cuddalore Remembers Bhopal - SACEM

Cuddalore, 3 December 2008: Residents of the pollution impacted region of SIPCOT Cuddalore along with residents of Old Town Cuddalore organised several public meets and vigils on Dec 2 and 3rd to remember Bhopal.

Here is a picture of a candle light vigil from Semmankuppam Middle School. Semmankuppam is the village in SIPCOT where Chemplast Sanmar's 1,70,000 TPA PVC plant is currently being constructed.

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