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Closure notice issued to Cuddalore pharma unit

Closure notice issued to Cuddalore pharma unit - The Hindu

5 June 2009

Special Correspondent
The Hindu

It produced a chemical without the consent of TNPCB

CUDDALORE: The Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB) has issued closure notice to Aurobindo Pharma Ltd., located in SIPCOT Industrial Estate complex here, for producing a chemical without its consent.

Board sources said that the TNPCB had given permission to the company to produce a chemical product named 6-APA but it started to bring out a new product named 7-AVNA.

Following complaints from the Cuddalore District Consumer Protection Organisation, the Golabal Environment Monitoring and the SIPCOT Area Community Environment Monitoring, the Board inspected the company and detected the violation.

Health hazards

According to M. Nizamudeen, executive secretary of the consumer protection organisation, the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute had already come out with findings that environment in the industrial estate was highly polluted to the extent of causing health hazards to people.

Studies conducted by these three organisations had revealed that certain units in the industrial estate were producing unauthorised products thereby aggravating the problem.

Hence, they took up the issue with the State government and the TNPCB, following which the Cuddalore District Environmental Engineer (DEE) was deputed to inspect the pharma company.

Company records

From records of the company, the DEE found out that the firm had dispatched unauthorised products from its premises on March 26, 31 and April 14 and 19.

The company took the stand that the unit only carried out a trial production of the new product and given an assurance to the TNPCB that it would not go ahead with its production without the latter's consent.

Therefore, the Board sources said that the company had knowingly violated rules.

Hence, invoking Section 33A of the Water (Prevention and control of pollution) Act 1974 and Section 31A of the Air (Prevention and control of pollution) Act 1981, the TNPCB had issued closure notice to the company.

It had also directed the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board to stop power supply to the unit forthwith.

Pollution Levels Continue to be High in SIPCOT Cuddalore

Pollution Levels Continue to be High in SIPCOT Cuddalore -

Cuddalore, 20 May 2009: The pollution levels in SIPCOT Cuddalore continue to be very high according to the SACEM monitors. The monitors reported that most of the units including Asian Paints, Maruthi and Loyal Superfabrics are repeatedly releasing heavy smoke during the night time. They also reported extremely high odours from Pioneer Jelice, CUSECS and SPIC Pharmaceuticals.

The monitors report that though they keep the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board informed about all the ongoing violations, they are yet to see strong response from the Board and a proper action on the industries so that these violations are discontinued. The monitors have sought an appointment with the Chairperson of the TNPCB to discuss these ongoing violations and lax role of the local TNPCB.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Cuddalore port to get facelift!

Congress power sharing in TN: Sonia to decide - Asian Tribune
Mon, 2009-06-01 03:25

Gopal Ethiraj from Chennai

Chennai, 01 May, ( Congress power sharing The Union Minister of Shipping G.K. VasanThe Union Minister of Shipping G.K. Vasanin Tamil Nadu with its alliance partner DMK is gathering momentum. This is Congress men’s long-pending demand.

The Union Minister of Shipping, G.K. Vasan, who came to Chennai after taking charge, said AICC President Sonia Gandhi would decide on it. "Her decision on share in Tamil Nadu cabinet would be final."

The Congress Leader of the Floor, D.Sudarsanam, has recently stirred the hornet’s nest, expressing the feelings of his party-men. Since then the talk of sharing ministry in the state is gaining currency.

Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project is a dream project which would benefit Tamil Nadu and the country as well, Vasan said and added that certain obstacles in implementing the project has to be removed. He also said he was expecting the Pachauri Committee, which was constituted to look into it, to submit its report.

Vasan said that the roads connecting ports would be laid, and he is convening a meeting with officials concerned in this connection. The ports in Kanyakumari, Cuddalore, Ennore and Marakkanam would get facelift, he added.

On the Sri Lankan issue Vasan said the time has come for the Tamils to enjoy equal rights on par with the Sinhalese. The Centre has sanctioned Rs. 500 crore for rehabilitating the Lankan Tamils, he said. "All the essential items have been sent to Lanka for the Tamils."

It is not clear what their "facelift" means. In worst case it could two high mast lamps and a part by the side of port trust office.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Call to check dumping of chemical waste

Call to check dumping of chemical waste - The Hindu

Special Correspondent

CUDDALORE: The Cuddalore District Consumer Protection Organisation has voiced concern over indiscriminate dumping of chemical waste by unscrupulous tanker-lorry drivers in residential areas.

In a representation addressed to the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board, the Association’s executive secretary, M. Nizamudeen, said that a tanker lorry emptied its contents on Monday night on a piece of land near a marriage hall on the way to Soorappa Naicken Chavadi here.

It emitted unbearable stench in the nearby areas.

Mr. Nizamudeen therefore called upon the TNPCB to keep a proper check on chemical waste disposal.

If there was any likelihood of ecological damage by such reckless acts, the TNPCB should take measures to neutralise the adverse effects and initiate penal action against those responsible for it.

The Association also called upon the TNPCB to have a dedicated phone line on which complaints could be lodged round the clock and to depute staff immediately to take remedial measures.

Unidentified Tanker Lorry Dumps SIPCOT Effluent in Cuddalore Town

Unidentified Tanker Lorry Dumps SIPCOT Effluent in Cuddalore Town -

Cuddalore 26 May, 2009: In another incident of continued blatant violation of environmental regulations in SIPCOT, Cuddalore town residents yesterday discovered an effluent dumped next TVM Marriage Hall compound by an unidentified tanker lorry. According to the sources, the effluent dump was discovered around 7.30 pm on 25 May 2009 only after people noticed very strong mosquito coil like odour from the region. The matter was immediately brought to the notice of the SACEM monitors who rushed the spot and also informed the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB) officials. Since it was dark in the evening the colour and extent of the effluent could not be properly determined. While the residents suspected one of the SIPCOT units to dump this effluent, any conclusive evidence of the source of effluent would only come after a proper scientific analysis of the samples.

District Environment Engineer and Assistant Environment Engineer of the TNPCB arrived at the spot within half hour and have promised to investigate the matter. More information is awaited.