Thursday, June 30, 2005

Street lights are down

Street lights in the Barathi road are not glowing for nearly a weak.It seems no necessary action have been taken to set the things right.

Some of the lights in the Anna Bridge are also not glowing.Its a regular phenomenon.At all time one or the other light fails to glow in the bridge.

Also a portion of lamps in the high mast in Silver Beach are also down.Even after months the faults have not been rectified.

Damn slow progress

The road partiotioning work in Hospital Road is progressing in a slow phase.It makes everyone inconvenient.Already a few have lost their life because of the stone heaps.It is necessary that apt actions are taken to set things right.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Car Parking

Lawrence Road is congusted any number of steps taken by district authorities,municipality and traffic police are in vain.The paking of a large number of vehicles is a reason for this congestion.The vacant space outside the Thirupathiripuliyur Raliway satation is an ideal site for parking vehicles especially for cars.

As a steps to ease the flow of traffic in Lawrence road the carks can in parked in this site rather than in Lawrence road itself atleast during the peak hours.

An alternative place for parking GH's ambulances

The ambulances of Cuddalore General Hospital is parked in front of it mostly in pedestrians pathways and on the roadside.Instead the old park inside GH campus can be cleared and the space can be utilized to park these ambulances and other vehicles.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Chennai-Pondicherry rail ? NO it must be Chennai-Cuddalore

In the 23rd Southern Zonal Conuncil meeting Ms.Jayalalitha reffering to the Pondichery government's proposal of bulding a new rail route between Chennai and Pondichery had promised to give the land along Buckingham canal.

Already there is a compelling need for a rail route between Cuddalore and Pondichery.Also an proposal to make a new rail route between Cuddalore and Pondicherry.

Therefore it would be better to include all these three project as a single project and make the rail route between Chennai and Cuddalore rather than ending it Pondicherry itself.