Saturday, June 28, 2008

DMK's First Women's Conference held at Cuddalore

DMK's first women's conference was held at Cuddalore on 14th and 15th of this month. Arrangements for the conference were started about two months earlier. Since then, there were visit, after visit, after visit at ministers cadre to check the progress of the work. Elaborate stage arrangements were made at Manjakuppam maidanam - the venue of the meeting.

Since there there was an extensive coverage of this function by media at state level, I stop with this. I have posted below the 'Street Photos', to give you a feel of how it has been.

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Lawrence Road - Anna bridge junction:

Baeathi Road:

Cut-outs in Barathi Road:

Beach Road - Arcot Woodlands end:

Barathi Road

Venue - Chevalier Shivaji arangam

Photo courtesy: Mathimaran

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Fireworks at Neithal 2008

Ministers at Neithal 2008

Irrespective of the ruling party, summer festival at Silver Beach has always been a state sponsored political meet, where ministers of the ruling party explain the 'achievements' of their ruling government to the people.

Year after year unkept promises unroll. One such is making Silver Beach and thus Cuddalore a 'MAJOR' tourist destination. This is what being said for around past 10 tens years. Putting Cuddalore on state and central government' s tourism maps remains as distant dream.

This time MLA Mr. Iyyappan has promised 10 lakhs for building a permanent stage with sophisticated light and sound setups in the beach. MP Mr. Venkatapathy has promised around the same amount for other developmental activities in the beach.

It is also said a huge sum is spent to rebuild the damaged jetty at Silver Beach boat house.

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Crowd at Neithal 2008

As usual a huge crowd turned out for the festival. Below are photographs of section of crowd.

Owing to huge crowd, some people moved towards the north end of the beach. District administration has a proposal to extend the beach northwards.

This time many lifeguards were present on the beach.

A lifeguard keeps eye on the crowd taking bath

Camel ride at Neithal 2008

Camel ride which was introduced recently in Silver Beach was a major attraction of Neithal 2008. A large number of children took the ride which I hope will a memorable occasion for rest of their life.

Children going for a ride

Thanks for all those who made this happen.

Sand sculptures at Neithal 2008

Sand sculptures were made in Summer Festival for the third consecutive year. Sculptures this time focused on the "the human and marine life".

According to The Hindu, these sculptures were created by M. Raghunathan and K. Senthilnathan from Two-man Sculptures - an organisation run by these two men.

It would be if a competition is held among the artists in the coming years and if a best sculpture is selected among them. The sculptures can be used to spread environmental awareness. Apart from utilising the local talents, experts in the field can be invited. There are many experts in this field in Orissa. Inviting them will help local artists to get in touch with experts and to acquire new skills.

It would be beneficial for the interested youths, if summer workshop on Sand Sculpture making is conducted every year before the start of the summer festival.

"Dolphins, crabs and shells that surround the human"

Local minister M.R.K Panneerselvam and District Collector Rajendra Ratnoo viewing the sculptures

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Neithal 2008

Neithal 2008 - the Summer Festival at Silver Beach has many new add ons this time, making it special. A new Tamil name (Neithal) and a logo is given to the festival this time (although the Tamil name was introduced last year, it was popularized this year). District Collector Mr. Rajendra Ratnoo has taken great efforts to make it a special event.

Folks artists from across the country performed on evenings. Despite the strong winds on the fourth day, a huge crowd witnessed the fast sync beats of Kerala drummers and mesmerising slow sync dance by dancers from Madya Pradesh. This dance performance coupled with flute music was extraordinary. Sitting on the beach sand, their flute music along with cool breeze made me feel like in heaven. Folk performances from different states takes the festival to a whole new height. It is no longer a festival only for locals of Cuddalore. These performance will help the festival get a wider recognition in national media in the years to come. This will also attract foreign tourists since they get a chance to enjoy different dance and music forms of the country from a single place.

Also this time, boat race was conducted. I guess boat race is conducted for the first time. We must thank our collector for these new initiatives.

A child looking at the baby doll in merry-go-round

Until few years ago beach volley ball used to be conducted every year. This was discontinued later. But this time along with beach volleyball few other sports events were also conducted.

Apart from the new events, regular events like healthy baby competition, dog show, sand sculpture making and body building competitions were held.

Elaborate parking arrangements were made. Parking charges were bit high. But if the generated revenue will be used for organising activities of the fest, people can bear this extra charge. Special service buses were introduced to ease the public. Many buses were diverted to beach. Even after completion of the bridge construction at Vanniarpalam, this route (leading straight into Devanapattinam) was left unused for some reason .

A result of good transport arrangements in recent years, there were large number of people from neighboring districts. There were some foreign visitors too. It is interesting to note MP from Cuddalore & Union Minister of State for Law Venkatapathi "likened “Neidhal-2008” to the Indira Vizha of the yore, mentioned in the Tamil classic the “Silappathigaram,” "

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