Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sand sculptures at Neithal 2008

Sand sculptures were made in Summer Festival for the third consecutive year. Sculptures this time focused on the "the human and marine life".

According to The Hindu, these sculptures were created by M. Raghunathan and K. Senthilnathan from Two-man Sculptures - an organisation run by these two men.

It would be if a competition is held among the artists in the coming years and if a best sculpture is selected among them. The sculptures can be used to spread environmental awareness. Apart from utilising the local talents, experts in the field can be invited. There are many experts in this field in Orissa. Inviting them will help local artists to get in touch with experts and to acquire new skills.

It would be beneficial for the interested youths, if summer workshop on Sand Sculpture making is conducted every year before the start of the summer festival.

"Dolphins, crabs and shells that surround the human"

Local minister M.R.K Panneerselvam and District Collector Rajendra Ratnoo viewing the sculptures

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