Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Cuddalore fishermen to resume fishing from April 1

News item from THE HINDU

Three months after the tsunami, the community leaders of Thevanampattinam have resolved to resume fishing from April 1. Other fishermen in the district full story>>

Tsunami fear rocked Cuddalore's coastal suburbs

Yesrtaed day there was a instense earth quake near Samatra coast.India government warned of possible tsunami.So people in coastal ares where evacuvated.

Platform outside park

I hope a platform is about to be built in front the Subrayulu Rediyar park.If done soo Barathi road would look even beautiful.

Barathi road extension

:) I am happy to see Barathi road being extended.I was the work being carriedout right now.The work is initiated from the New Cinema end.It would be safer to use the road if the extension is carried out till the Collector Camp office on both the sides of the road.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Most tsunami dead female - Oxfam

The following news item originally appeared in BBC.It reports that in Cuddalore district the number of women killed in tsunami is three times as many as men.Here I've posted an extract from the BBC's site itself.

Women from Aceh praying for the tsunami victims in February
In four villages in Aceh Besar district 189 of 676 survivors were female
More women than men were killed by the Asian tsunami, Oxfam figures from India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka suggest.

In some regions the disaster claimed four times as many women as men.

The charity says women were worst-hit because they were waiting on beaches for fishermen to return, or at home looking after children at the time.

The research comes exactly three months after the under-sea earthquake caused a wave that devastated coastlines around the Indian Ocean.

Oxfam International focused their research on the Indonesian province of Aceh, the Cuddalore district of India full story>>

Reuters Alertnet reports it as

Female deaths in tsunami far outnumber males-Oxfam
26 Mar 2005
Source: Reuters
By Achmad Sukarsono - The Asian tsunami that devastated countries fringing the Indian Ocean on Dec. 26 may have killed up to four times as many women as men, the international aid group Oxfam says. In Indonesia's Aceh province where the catastrophe left more than 220,000 killed or missing, Oxfam surveyed eight tsunami-affected villages and found surviving males far outnumbered females, according to a report released on Saturday. Findings were similar in India and full story>>

Read the press release of Oxfam foundation itself.Also read the full report(Note:The full report is in pdf format) by Oxfam foundation.

You also donate and/or volunteer Oxfam Foundation.

Here is a link for the Oxfam India's web site.

New items

Here I have posted links to some of the news items I came across this weekend


Trouble blooms

The flowering of bamboo forests in northeast India could set off a trail of famine and ecological havoc. AARTI DHAR looks at the issue.


The beginning of the end -- a bamboo grove.

WHEN the bamboo flowers, death and destruction follow, goes a traditional saying in Mizoram, the tiny hill state in northeast India. Way back in 1959, bamboo flowering in the State set off a chain of events that ultimately led to one of the most powerful "movements" against the Government spanning over two decades.

Folklore apart, scientists say that the strange phenomenon of bamboo flowering, called "gregarious bamboo flowering", causes ecological havoc full story>>


Man of Indian origin arrested for murdering mother

A person of Indian origin was arrested on charges of murdering his mother at their residence in the Great Falls area of Washington.

Jayant Kadian (20) was charged with first-degree murder for full story>>


Tsunami: scars still remain in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's tsunami wreckage that dotted the coastline three months ago has largely been cleared. The scars, however, continue to remain and full story>>

A grateful Galle

Three months after its worst recorded natural disaster, a warm "thank you" note welcomes guests to a hotel in this southern corner of Sri Lanka. ``We remember those that came forward so spontaneously and gave generously to those in need. We also remember the Indian Navy doctors and their medical team that ran the OPD [out-patient department] at the hotel.. full story>>

Tsunami victims await Vivek Oberoi's return

Tsunami victims await Vivek Oberoi's returnJennifer
Soon after the tsunami struck on December 26, 2004, film actor Vivek Oberoi plunged into relief work at Devanampattinam in the Cuddalore district.

Two and a half months later, villagers in this fishing hamlet full story>>

Saturday, March 26, 2005

An alternate route towards Thiruvanthipuram

The road towards Thiruvanthipuram is narrow and will not address to the necessities of the fast growing town. Through broadening of the road from Thriupadhiripuliyur to Thiruvanthipuram will help to some extend, it doesn't appear to be a permanent solution.

A possible solution is to lay a new road starting right from the Vandipalayam end of the new railway over-bridge (near Rang Roop Mahal) passing through the Saravana nagar,Keshava nagar..etc.,(which are relatively sparsely populated right now) and into the Kotthapakam atleast until Paadhirikuppam.

Welcome move

Road extension works are on progress in Car street,Lawrence road,Vandipalayam road,Subrayachetty street and in Riverside street.I wish the work to be carried out in Pudupalayam Mainroad ,Sanjivi Naidu street and Bodi chetty steert.The last two among the three will become busy streets once the Kambiampet-Semandalam bridge work is completed.

Bushes cleared

Bushes in Gadilam river under the Anna Bridge were cleared 3 weeks back.I am not sure about the purpose behind the removal those trees.But I love to see Mangrove trees planted there.If done so it will enhance the beauty of the place apart from checking flood and soil errosion.It will bring more beautiful birds too.


Day before yesrterday I went to Pondicherry I was really shocked to see Law College students playing cricket in a very very busy road.No one dared to ask them why .Law makers are the law breakers.

While return home a even pleasant experience awaited :) yes in Cuddalore<->Pondy bus.us overpacked even before getting out of busstand.Who woories about the plight of the passenger conductor superpacked the bus.As usual the was always pussing the passengers towards the interior of the bus(using vulgar language).

The price for a ticket is fixed for person to travel the entire distance sitting (I suppose).What is the necessity one have to pay the full amount of money without even having a place to stand properly.

There are two ways to fix this problem 1.To introduce more and more Government busses during the peak hours and special busses during the festive seasons 2nd and the permanent solution for this problem is to introduce a railroute between these two destinations.

Needs Extension

Let me have a one more post about the Nethaji road.As we know Nethaji road and Cuddalore-Pondy highway is getting more and more busy,it would be a welcome move the road Nethaji road towards Pondy right upto Pennaiyarbridge is extended and to make the fullest use of its breath.Its always better to plan for future requirements rather than thinking always in terms of present.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Enchroachments in Netaji Road

New path way was laid in Nethaji road authorities are trying their best they could but yet Nethaji road is much congested and particularly enchroachments in road especially near the Anna Market is proving hindrance for the traffic.

Monday, March 21, 2005

High Mast Lamp in Chevalier Shivaji Arangam

:) yeah presently a high mast lamp is being installed in Chevalier Shivaji Arangam.I hope it will working in few days now.Well....what next I belive District Authorities will make some seating arrangements .

News Items

Hello viewers here I give you link to some of the news items it found worthy dicussing

In many of the major cities in several countries there is always a well made arrangement for night shopping and night dining in streets in a reguralized manner,articularly tourists from western countries like it.Here I give you link to an article appeared on 'THE HINDU'.Its about the Food Steert in Lahore.Just see how beautiful it looks here

The Confederation of Indian Industry has sought to clarify doubts and apprehensions in respect of State-level value added tax in this FAQ exclusive to'The Hindu'. Here is the link to the FAQ

Here is a edittorial published on 'THE HINDU' about the e-governance


IF A MASSIVE infusion of funds is the magical solution quickly to transform India into a networked nation offering efficient citizen services through e-government... full story

Here is an article appeared in Thirunavanthapuram edition of 'THE HINDU'

Get set to explore the wild

IT IS not every day that children get an invitation to let themselves go, be wild and free.
World Wide Fund for Nature, India (WWF-India), is extending them an irresistible offer to go wild this summer by joining their nature awareness and orientation programme during summer..full story

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Bridge vibrates

The Anna Bridge vibrates when heavy vehicles or even four wheelers passes by.I don't think its phenomenal.It would be better if some officials checks .. if any possible damage has occured.More the cracks along the surface of the bridge makes poses to be danger to the cyclists and themotor bike users.

Also the bridge used to be clean once.Now there are more sand and garbages on eitherside of it.

Hospital road needs road partitioner

Well.. a road partitioner was put up right from Collector's Camp office to New Cinema.Thanks everone behind it.It adds to the beauty of the place also avoiding head on collisions.

If one such is constructed starting from Manjakuppam H.P.O. right upto Semandalam will avoid accidents.Especially it will slow down the Cuddalore-Pondy buses.They reach the right extreme of the road while taking for other vehicle.
Also it is difficult for the people to cross the road especially during the peak hours.Crossing the road is no easy job on off-peak hours too.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Electrical works on New Overbridge on progress

Works of setting up lights are on full swing in the newly built overbridge.Hope the bridge and its surrounding areas will be well litted in a weeks time.

New fountain coming up near Jawans Bhavan

A new fountain is being setup in front of the Jawans Bhavan.Its a part of beautification project.Hope it will soon become functional.

Fishing Community

Here is article that appeared on 'THE HINDU'

'Sethu project will damage marine life'

The Coastal Action Network (CAN) today said that deriving a lesson from the devastation inflicted by tsunami among fishermen, the Centre must abandon the Sethusamudram canal project.

If the Government went ahead with the project......read the full article here

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Hospital road needs more focus

Hospital road is one of the important and busiet road in Cuddalore.Yet is less commercial activity in this road.To my knowledge the situation can be changed greatly if commercial complexes are built along the campus of the government offices in this road.

Starting from PWD campus right upto Employment Exchange Office.Commerical complexes can serve for two purposes:

1.Bringing about more commercial activity and
2.More income for the government.

Particularly Goverment ITI is even without a compound wall.My wish(perhaps a better idea) is that commercial complexes can be built at road(of Goverment ITI) end while the ground can be remodeled with some basketball and volleyball courts and it can used by student during the working hours and can be used by general public(sportsmen with membership) during the off working hours.

Its time to focus on more serious issues

For the past one year Cuddalore has seen oceanic changes.It got a facelift.New roads ,well lited roads to pathaways and parks.But day by day water and air are getting more and more polluted.Preventing from pollution means nothing else than immediately shutting some of the chemical units in SIPCOT.Bussiness here is illhit because of the tax concession to the nearby Union Teritorry.Chemical units in SPICOT remain the main livelihood of the people here.So shutting down chemaical units means no livelihood for many.Therefore its very very essential to bring more and more non-chemical industries in and around Cuddalore.Also business would retrive if some serious direct measures are taken.Rebuliding the Cuddalore Port will make a large difference.

Friday, March 11, 2005

New Bridge

A bridge connecting Tirupathitirpuliyur directly with Semandalam is getting ready.Construction works are on full swing.This bridge will cut short the distance of travel to a greater extend.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

High Mast lamp in Shivaji Arangam

wooow.. a high mast lamp is coming up at Shivaji Arangam(Manjakuppam Ground).It will benifit Cuddlurians in two folds.One is that it will serve a place recreation especially because Silver Beach has not returned to its normal state.Second is that it will end the anti-social activities in this ground.

No proper roads+garbages+encroachments in the heart of Cuddalore

There are so many comercial complexes immediately to the north of Cuddalore Bus stand and to the south of Krishnalaya Complex.This place is one of the busiest place in Cuddalore.Yet there are no proper roads and the passages(I dont prefer to call street even because there is only a small passage left after all encroachments) are filled with garbages.Hope authorities will set it right.