Saturday, March 26, 2005

An alternate route towards Thiruvanthipuram

The road towards Thiruvanthipuram is narrow and will not address to the necessities of the fast growing town. Through broadening of the road from Thriupadhiripuliyur to Thiruvanthipuram will help to some extend, it doesn't appear to be a permanent solution.

A possible solution is to lay a new road starting right from the Vandipalayam end of the new railway over-bridge (near Rang Roop Mahal) passing through the Saravana nagar,Keshava nagar..etc.,(which are relatively sparsely populated right now) and into the Kotthapakam atleast until Paadhirikuppam.


Anonymous said...

This seems to ba a good idea.

ArunKumar said...

hi,the buses are directed through car street,and gets conected in police station,after the police station the road is broad, two temples in center of the road disturbs vehicles.the koothapakkam main road is broad,but the electrical lamp post are placed at center of the road,if the electrical posts and telephone posts are moved to end of the road and if the trees are cut down then a 70 feet road is need of making a new route.