Saturday, March 12, 2005

Its time to focus on more serious issues

For the past one year Cuddalore has seen oceanic changes.It got a facelift.New roads ,well lited roads to pathaways and parks.But day by day water and air are getting more and more polluted.Preventing from pollution means nothing else than immediately shutting some of the chemical units in SIPCOT.Bussiness here is illhit because of the tax concession to the nearby Union Teritorry.Chemical units in SPICOT remain the main livelihood of the people here.So shutting down chemaical units means no livelihood for many.Therefore its very very essential to bring more and more non-chemical industries in and around Cuddalore.Also business would retrive if some serious direct measures are taken.Rebuliding the Cuddalore Port will make a large difference.

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