Saturday, March 12, 2005

Hospital road needs more focus

Hospital road is one of the important and busiet road in Cuddalore.Yet is less commercial activity in this road.To my knowledge the situation can be changed greatly if commercial complexes are built along the campus of the government offices in this road.

Starting from PWD campus right upto Employment Exchange Office.Commerical complexes can serve for two purposes:

1.Bringing about more commercial activity and
2.More income for the government.

Particularly Goverment ITI is even without a compound wall.My wish(perhaps a better idea) is that commercial complexes can be built at road(of Goverment ITI) end while the ground can be remodeled with some basketball and volleyball courts and it can used by student during the working hours and can be used by general public(sportsmen with membership) during the off working hours.

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