Saturday, March 26, 2005


Day before yesrterday I went to Pondicherry I was really shocked to see Law College students playing cricket in a very very busy road.No one dared to ask them why .Law makers are the law breakers.

While return home a even pleasant experience awaited :) yes in Cuddalore<->Pondy overpacked even before getting out of busstand.Who woories about the plight of the passenger conductor superpacked the bus.As usual the was always pussing the passengers towards the interior of the bus(using vulgar language).

The price for a ticket is fixed for person to travel the entire distance sitting (I suppose).What is the necessity one have to pay the full amount of money without even having a place to stand properly.

There are two ways to fix this problem 1.To introduce more and more Government busses during the peak hours and special busses during the festive seasons 2nd and the permanent solution for this problem is to introduce a railroute between these two destinations.

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