Sunday, March 27, 2005

Most tsunami dead female - Oxfam

The following news item originally appeared in BBC.It reports that in Cuddalore district the number of women killed in tsunami is three times as many as men.Here I've posted an extract from the BBC's site itself.

Women from Aceh praying for the tsunami victims in February
In four villages in Aceh Besar district 189 of 676 survivors were female
More women than men were killed by the Asian tsunami, Oxfam figures from India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka suggest.

In some regions the disaster claimed four times as many women as men.

The charity says women were worst-hit because they were waiting on beaches for fishermen to return, or at home looking after children at the time.

The research comes exactly three months after the under-sea earthquake caused a wave that devastated coastlines around the Indian Ocean.

Oxfam International focused their research on the Indonesian province of Aceh, the Cuddalore district of India full story>>

Reuters Alertnet reports it as

Female deaths in tsunami far outnumber males-Oxfam
26 Mar 2005
Source: Reuters
By Achmad Sukarsono - The Asian tsunami that devastated countries fringing the Indian Ocean on Dec. 26 may have killed up to four times as many women as men, the international aid group Oxfam says. In Indonesia's Aceh province where the catastrophe left more than 220,000 killed or missing, Oxfam surveyed eight tsunami-affected villages and found surviving males far outnumbered females, according to a report released on Saturday. Findings were similar in India and full story>>

Read the press release of Oxfam foundation itself.Also read the full report(Note:The full report is in pdf format) by Oxfam foundation.

You also donate and/or volunteer Oxfam Foundation.

Here is a link for the Oxfam India's web site.

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