Wednesday, November 30, 2005

President Abdul Kalam visiting Cuddalore

President A.P.J.Abdul Kalam visiting Cuddalore tommorow to asess the flood situation here.He is visiting the flood affected parts of Cuddalore district on his way to Chennai from Trichy.

Cuddalore flooding round up

After a long break I am updating the blog due to unusual scenario here.

Since the onset of the monsoon there has been three consecutive floods in Cuddalore district last proving fatal.Massive flooding in almost all parts of Cuddalore district has caused severe damage to life and property.This is the second large scale disaster in a years time.Many hamlets which were worst hit by tsunami are also affected by recent floodings.Gadilam and Then Pannai in Cuddalore and Coleeron in southern part of the district flooded inundating the surrounding area.

Flood water of Then Pennai raised atleast 15 feet above the normal level submerging the lowlying areas like Uppalavadi,Thazhalnguda(badly affected by tsunami) and also the north bank of the river.

Similarly was the condition of Gadilam.Furiousity was even greater here.River was flowing in its full capacity thus betraying the occupants.Several garages and shops in Nellikupam High Road were flooded completely.Most among them are encroachers of the river bank.I could barely see tops of the lorries there.

Coleeron was carrying mammoth quantity of water.Probably this time it carried highest amount of water in recorded history.

Veeranam lake nearly reached its full capacity.The water level was maintained below 46feet(recall the bunds of the tank was raised as a part of New Veeranam Project to provide drinking water for Chennai).A large amount of water was opened into Vellar.At a certain stage the water from Vellar started entering into the tank on opening the shutters to worsen the situation.

Excess outlet water from the lake and Coleeron inundated several parts of the district like Chidambaram,Sathiyathope,Kattumanarkoil and Parengipettai.
Water level in Sathiyathope was said to be soo high that water even reached the first floor of houses whose ground floor was already submerged.It was here district collector Mr.GanandeepSingh Bedi got trapped while on rescue opertation.Later Coast Guard helicopter rescued him.

Now after a week the flood water is slowly receding.Cuddalore, the headquaters is as normal.But places like Chidambaram are still surrounded by water.Human bodies and that of animal are found scattered in decayed state in this area.The situation is far worst that people start fleeding their homes.There is a greater chance for outbreak of infectious diseases.But the Cuddalore district administration is taking no chances.But magnitude of the disaster proves a real challenge.Military personnel called in.Military doctors treats people in worst affected areas.The situation is gradually improving and it would take atleast a few weeks for things get back to normal.

Thursday, November 24, 2005


The water flowing in these two rivers is alarming.The following is the situation witnessed today morning 24/11/2005 at 10.00 a.m.
In the pennar bridge (Pondy – Cuddalore Road)
The water level is such that it is touching nearly 6 feet upto the ceiling level of the old bridge which is parallel to the new bridge.
In Gadilum - Kammiampet new bridge (Kammiampet - Semmandalam Road)
The level as is such that its is only 2 feet nearer to the ceiling of the new bridge.

Water release from Sattanur dam which is expected to be increased is expected to aggravate the flood situation in river pennar.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

World Vision Asia Tsunami Response - Oct/Nov Update

Here I paste you a part of the Oct/Nov Update from World Vision

World Vision Asia Tsunami Response - Oct/Nov Update

India Program Update Working in the following areas: Tamil Nadu – Cuddalore, Nagapattinam, Kanyakumari, Chennai/Kalpuakkam; Pondicherry; Kerala – Kollam/Alleppy; Andhra Pradesh - Machilipatnam, Narsapur and Singarayakonda; Andaman and Nicobar islands Gender and Health · More than 2000 hygiene kits distributed in the Andamans and Cuddalore. · Dental and medical camps conducted in Chennai and post-natal care provided to mothers in the Andamans, Nagapattinam and Cuddalore. · Elderly women targeted with supplementary feeding in Cuddalore. · Water management training conducted in Chennai and Nagapattinam. · Health awareness programmes provided to more than 100 individuals in Cuddalore, Kerala and Pondicherry. Infrastructure · Infrastructure recovery is gaining pace with 100 permanent houses handed over in Kerala. Construction work has also started in Cuddalore, Kanyakumari, Andhra Pradesh, Nagapattinam, and Pondicherry. · A foundation stone laid for construction of a new school in Cuddalore. · Playground equipment installed in the Andamans. · Drainage repair undertaken in 150 transitional shelters in Nagapattinam. · A Child Friendly Space is under construction in Cuddalore. · Maintenance work conducted for 625 transitional shelters in Nagapattinam. Economic Recovery · More than 50 boats donated in Pondicherry and the Andamans; over 200 people receive fishing nets and tackles. · Cash for Work programs benefit 1,057 families in Chennai and the Andamans. · 870 sewing machines distributed in the Andamans and 163 women attend tailoring classes. · Livestock (cows, goats and buffaloes) provided to 118 families in Cuddalore and Narsapur. · Traders provided with shop supplies in Nagapattinam. · Training in book keeping, driving, engine mechanics and computer applications conducted. Community Rehabilitation · 124 families provided resettlement kits (including cooking utensils, buckets, plastic containers, torch lights, water filter, pillows, mugs) in the Andamans. · School supplies (school bags, shoes, pencils, etc) distributed in the Andamans and Pondicherry. · Sandals and monsoon kits distributed in Cuddalore. · Nearly 4000 people benefit from sports and recreational activities such as zoo visits, puppet shows and music events in Chennai, Cuddalore, Kanyakumari and Kerala · Supported tuition fees for 600 school children in Kanyakumari. · Chennai children participated in a creative workshop and a child protection committee formed.full story>>

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Sight and hope restored in Cuddalore - ReliefWeb

Sight and hope restored in Cuddalore

Baltimore, November 3, 2005 -- "Believe it or not, many opportunities and much good have come from the tsunami," said Dr. Thiru Krishnan, an optometrist and eye surgeon who works at a monthly clinic for hypertension and diabetes screening, nutrition education, and blindness prevention in Pondicherry. The clinic is run by ADEPT (the Academy for Disaster Management, Education and Training), a program of Lutheran World Relief's long-time partner, UELCI (United Evangelical Lutheran Church in India). ADEPT increased their capacity and expanded the clinic after the tsunami to respond to the many medical and psycho-social needs of area villagers.

Inside the clinic is a festival-like atmosphere as hundreds of men, women and children moved from station to station. In one area, villagers could receive a comprehensive eye exam and recommendations for glasses, treatment or surgery. In another, three young women -- new volunteers -- educated their peers about nutrition and the value of high-protein, low-cost foods. Across the courtyard, older men and women had their blood pressure tested and received information about hypertension and how to avoid or control it. Finally, in another corner of the courtyard, young nurses screened patients for diabetes and educated those who had been previously diagnosed about how to eat right or how to administer their own insulin.

As visitors from LWR walked through the clinic, one doctor and one patient stood out from the rest of the crowd. Dr. Krishnan's enthusiasm for his work was unmistakable. As he walked the group through the clinic, he introduced them to many patients and offered stories of sight corrected, sight given and eye-related diseases overcome.

"I could work many places in this country or in the world but none would be as exciting as working here," he told LWR President, Kathryn Wolford. When Wolford asked him why he enjoyed his work at the clinic so much, he responded, "Nowhere could the need be as great as here. Many of the patients at this clinic lost everything to the tsunami -- their family members, their homes, their ability to work, their communities and their sense of safety." He continued, "In the face of such great losses, it is our duty to give something back to these people. I am honored to be able to give even a few of them the gift of sight, clear vision or a future without blindness. I am a very lucky man."

Dr. Krishnan excitedly introduced one of his post-tsunami patients, Sevaramun. Before the tsunami, Sevaramun, a 60-year old man with white hair, had suffered for four years with failing sight due to advanced cataracts on both eyes. Sevaramun had lost his wife and children in the tsunami and therefore had lost the people who could serve as his eyes on the world.

A little over two months ago, he attended an ADEPT clinic and talked to the doctor about his cataracts. At first, Sevaramun was too scared to have the surgery the doctor recommended but, over time, the doctor gained his trust and the surgery was scheduled.

Now, only 3 weeks after surgery, the doctor and Sevaramun excitedly demonstrated that sight had been restored to the previously cataract-clouded eye. Sevaramun covered his bad eye with one hand and the doctor had him call out how many fingers he was holding up and had him read a sign on the wall far across the room. Both doctor and patient displayed a contagious enthusiasm at the sight regained through this relatively simple surgery that would have usually been impossible for most villagers to obtain.

Life is bittersweet for Sevaramun, who has regained some of his sight but still suffers from the aching loss of his family, his house, and his ability to earn a living. In spite of his loses, Sevaramun spoke positively about his future. Now that he has seen, literally, how cataract surgery restored his sight, he will allow Dr. Krishnan to operate to remove the cataract from his other eye next month.

Before the LWR delegation left, Sevaramun told them that he had gained something from the Doctor and the ADEPT clinic that he thought he had lost forever: hope.

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