Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Cuddalore flooding round up

After a long break I am updating the blog due to unusual scenario here.

Since the onset of the monsoon there has been three consecutive floods in Cuddalore district last proving fatal.Massive flooding in almost all parts of Cuddalore district has caused severe damage to life and property.This is the second large scale disaster in a years time.Many hamlets which were worst hit by tsunami are also affected by recent floodings.Gadilam and Then Pannai in Cuddalore and Coleeron in southern part of the district flooded inundating the surrounding area.

Flood water of Then Pennai raised atleast 15 feet above the normal level submerging the lowlying areas like Uppalavadi,Thazhalnguda(badly affected by tsunami) and also the north bank of the river.

Similarly was the condition of Gadilam.Furiousity was even greater here.River was flowing in its full capacity thus betraying the occupants.Several garages and shops in Nellikupam High Road were flooded completely.Most among them are encroachers of the river bank.I could barely see tops of the lorries there.

Coleeron was carrying mammoth quantity of water.Probably this time it carried highest amount of water in recorded history.

Veeranam lake nearly reached its full capacity.The water level was maintained below 46feet(recall the bunds of the tank was raised as a part of New Veeranam Project to provide drinking water for Chennai).A large amount of water was opened into Vellar.At a certain stage the water from Vellar started entering into the tank on opening the shutters to worsen the situation.

Excess outlet water from the lake and Coleeron inundated several parts of the district like Chidambaram,Sathiyathope,Kattumanarkoil and Parengipettai.
Water level in Sathiyathope was said to be soo high that water even reached the first floor of houses whose ground floor was already submerged.It was here district collector Mr.GanandeepSingh Bedi got trapped while on rescue opertation.Later Coast Guard helicopter rescued him.

Now after a week the flood water is slowly receding.Cuddalore, the headquaters is as normal.But places like Chidambaram are still surrounded by water.Human bodies and that of animal are found scattered in decayed state in this area.The situation is far worst that people start fleeding their homes.There is a greater chance for outbreak of infectious diseases.But the Cuddalore district administration is taking no chances.But magnitude of the disaster proves a real challenge.Military personnel called in.Military doctors treats people in worst affected areas.The situation is gradually improving and it would take atleast a few weeks for things get back to normal.

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