Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pollution update

Permission to Chemplast for VCM Pipeline across Uppanar Cancelled -SACEM

The Public Works Department (PWD) has cancelled the permission granted to Chemplast Sanmar's PVC Plant at SIPCOT Cuddalore for laying a pipeline to convey Vinyl Chloride Monomer (VCM) across Uppanar River. The permission was cancelled in March 2008 after the department learnt that VCM was a toxic chemical capable of causing environmental pollution and health hazards to the people in the vicinity full story>>

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cuddalore Online template changed

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Cuddalore Online template has been changed for the first time since the blog was created. We hope you like the new look. We like hear your suggestions for continuous improvement.

Some of the functionalities like subscription, hits counter are unavailable for the moment. We hope to bring back these functionalities in a couple of days.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cuddalore in the news

Ban on sea fishing - The Hindu

CUDDALORE: The annual ban on fishing in the sea will be enforced from April 15 to May 29, according to Rajendra Ratnoo, District Collector. In a statement here, Mr. Ratnoo said that during the 45-day period the mechanised boats and trawlers were prohibited from indulging in fishing operation. Since, it happened to be breeding time for fishes, fishing holiday had become necessary. — Special Correspondent

Cuddalore fishermen seek Puducherry model - The Hindu


Financial aid and free rice demanded for “fishing holiday”

FISHING HOLIDAY: A mechanised boat remaining idle as repair works are undertaken.

CUDDALORE: With the 45-day “fishing holiday” coming into force from Tuesday, the fishermen in Cuddalore district have appealed to the Tamil Nadu government to provide them some sort of compensation for the period.

They have urged the State government to emulate the Puducherry model in which the territorial government is said to be extending a financial assistance of Rs. 750 and 100 kg of free rice for every mechanised boat thus stranded.

As far as Cuddalore district is concerned, there are about 1,500 mechanised boats and launches/trawlers with the inboard engine capacity of 15 hp and above. All these boats have been grounded for the period. The average annual fish catch in the district is in the order of 27,000 tonnes. Ever since the government imposed the restrictions on fishing for the specified period from 2001, the fishermen have been clamouring for suitable compensation.

Assistant Director of Fisheries Department V. Tamilmani told The Hindu that the fishing holiday should not be viewed as a measure to inflict loss on the fishing community. As it happened to be the major breeding season for fishes in the mid-sea, where there was no turbidity, and at the end of the season the fishermen would reap rich harvest.

Because the landings would be quite substantial that would easily compensate the assumed losses. Moreover, the government was giving priority to the safety of fishermen and hence, the period could be profitably utilised for repairing the boats and mending the fishing nets.

On the compliance level of fishermen with regard to the restrictions, Mr. Tamilmani said that even well ahead of the “fishing holiday,” the Fisheries Department was creating awareness among the community through the media and sending letters to their associations.

The department was also deploying field staff periodically to the coastal villages to ensure that no violations took place. Mr. Tamilmani also said that the awareness level among the fishermen was quite good and above all the association’s hold was firm that no fisherman would dare any deviations.

However, the fish arrivals would be in dribs and drabs because catamarans and small mechanised boats would continue to make their forays. Because of the presumed low fish arrivals, the demand for chicken and meat was likely to go up.

As for the demand for compensation, Mr. Tamilmani said that it was for the government to decide.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Kanimozhi makes surprise visit to industrial units

Kanimozhi makes surprise visit to industrial units - The Hindu

Special Correspondent

She supervised the arrangements for DMK women’s wing conference

Kanimozhi,M.P. inspecting the venue for DMK women wing’s conference scheduled for next month, in Cuddalore on Monday.

CUDDALORE: Kanimozhi, MP, made a surprise visit to the SIPCOT Industrial Estate on Monday, following complaints of pollution hazards posed by certain chemical units there.

Health Minister M.R.K.Panneerselvam, District Collector Rajendra Ratnoo, Superintendent of Police Pradip Kumar, District Environmental Engineer Ramasubbu, and D.Ravikumar,G.Aiyappan and Saba.Rajendran, MLAs, accompanied her.

She arrived here in the morning to discuss the arrangements to be made for the women’s wing conference of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam scheduled at the Manjakuppam grounds next month. Mr. Ravikumar met her and informed her of the gravity of the pollution problem posed by the SIPCOT units.

He cited the findings of the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) that conducted a study from June 26 to 30, 2006 at the instance of the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB).

Mr. Ravikumar told the MP that though the NEERI submitted its report to the TNPCB in August 2007 it was kept under wraps till the local community environment monitoring group obtained the copy through invoking the Right to Information Act.

The study revealed that of the 94 volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in the air-samples collected from the SIPCOT area 15 fell in the category of hazardous air pollutants.

Some VOCs were toxic, having both carcinogenic and non-carcinogenic hazards.

After the inspection, Ms Kanimozhi told the reporters that there seemed to be slackness in implementing the pollution control norms and in certain cases the standards were yet to be fixed.

She promised to take up the issue in Parliament.

The Collector directed the TNPCB to take appropriate measures in this regard.

As for the women’s conference, Ms. Kanimozhi said it would be another mega event of the DMK and would also create an upsurge among women.

For the welfare of women, the State budget had made many provisions, she added.

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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Everyone's eye set on next move

Commercial complex in bus stand premises along the Lawrence Road is being demolished. The demolition drive as taken as the building was in a very bad condition. Shops in the first floor of the building were demolished more than a month back. But the ground floor is yet to demolished as the shop keepers there resist the move.

Shopkeepers in Lawrence Road have a major part in preventing the development of the town. They resisted the railway over bridge in Lawrence Road. So the bridge was built on S.N. Chavadi. It is also widely said that they prevented the Kammianpet - Semandalam link bridge from coming up for many many years.

Even after court's directive, officials could not demolish the ground floor of the complex as both politicians and businessmen joined hand to resist. It is being said that the next round of demolition drive will start Monday, 7th of April. Even though Municipal Chairman Mr. Thangarasu has assured of the demolition, we have wait and see whether it is public interest or political power that wins.

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Parking irregularities in Lawrence Road

Irregularities in parking in Lawrence Road has resulted in inconvenience. Three years ago parking was regularized after the sidewalks were laid. There were separate parking space for two wheelers and four wheelers. Now the markings on the road are completely gone. As the days pass by most don't follow the rule. Two wheelers, auto rickshaws and cars are parked till the middle of the road. Especially the auto rickshaws don't have the permission to stop. Traffic police is very well aware of what is happening, but no action is taken to stop this.

Shuttle badminton court in Anna Stadium is used by business men and other elderly people. They have always been using it, but now since they are more in numbers, players are unable to practice in the court.