Saturday, April 05, 2008

Everyone's eye set on next move

Commercial complex in bus stand premises along the Lawrence Road is being demolished. The demolition drive as taken as the building was in a very bad condition. Shops in the first floor of the building were demolished more than a month back. But the ground floor is yet to demolished as the shop keepers there resist the move.

Shopkeepers in Lawrence Road have a major part in preventing the development of the town. They resisted the railway over bridge in Lawrence Road. So the bridge was built on S.N. Chavadi. It is also widely said that they prevented the Kammianpet - Semandalam link bridge from coming up for many many years.

Even after court's directive, officials could not demolish the ground floor of the complex as both politicians and businessmen joined hand to resist. It is being said that the next round of demolition drive will start Monday, 7th of April. Even though Municipal Chairman Mr. Thangarasu has assured of the demolition, we have wait and see whether it is public interest or political power that wins.

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Anonymous said...

one more month time is given... we have to wait and see what happens