Wednesday, May 31, 2006

News item from THE DAILY YOMIURI

News item from THE DAILY YOMIURI

Nissan Motor Co., World Vision Japan and World Vision India have announced the completion of six child care centers in India for children affected by the 2004 tsunami. The project, implemented by World Vision, was funded with a 10 million yen contribution from Nissan. Two of the centers are located in the Cuddalore district and the other four are located in the Nagapatinam district. Two of the centers in Nagapatinam will be run by schools in the region. The remaining centers in Nagapatinam, as well as the centers in Cuddalore, were handed over to the Integrated Child Development Services, an Indian government organization.

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IT park in Cuddalore - a retrospective

When Mr.Dayanidhi Maran arrived Cuddalore for inagurating a new post office, he announced that he will bring up an IT park in Cuddalore provided 25 acres of land was allocated for the purpose. He also set a short time frame within which he wanted the land to be allocated.

It was all on the pre-election scenario, when his opposition party was on the power in the state. His department might accuse incumbents (then) for preventing land procurement and thus preventing the park being established at Cuddalore.

After the assembly election, power shifted hands, Mr.Maran's party has come to power. Now, if he is really commited, nothing would stop him from bringing up the park.

Mr.Maran announced the same for Pondicherry and now the government in Union Territory is ready with 25 acres of land. When I wrote IT park in Cuddalore, there were comments that Cuddalore need not have a IT park, because it is near Chennai. Now if a IT park comes up in Pondicherry it will be reason for eliminating one such in Cuddalore forever.

Considering the present trend, one cannot argue that a new IT park in Cuddalore will not attract IT industries, provided proper infrastructure is established. IT park isnt just a symbol of pride, generating just a few jobs.It will make higher income group people to reside here, which mean an increase in the spending capacity of the people. People with higher spending capacity would lead to increased business activities, a rise in land value, thus paving a way for overall developement of economic condition of the region.So it is the work of the representatives from here to put a strong voice to bring up the park here.

Mr.Maran's office has provisions to get messages directly from general public. I have provided a link for the page below. Make use of it in a constructive and in a ethical way.

Contact The Office Of The Minister

SP transfered, Collector spared

Two weeks back I have written Gagandeep Singh Bedi likely to be transfered. Fortunately District Collector Mr. Gagandeep Singh Bedi was not transfered.But Superintendent of Police Mr.Paneerselvam was transfered. Immediately on knowing about his transfer what stuck me was the promise he had made while inagurating the automated traffic signal at Lawrence Road-Imperial junction.

Then, he promised for two more such signals. He did not keep up his promise, though I am not aware if he took any sincere effort to do the same.

Photo Courtesy of Narendar Kumar

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Mild downpour in Cuddalore

Most parts of Cuddalore experienced mild downpour on Friday evening.

Above are the photographs of Lawrence Road after the rain.


Cuddalore in the news

Leading the way

Shasun means leadership in Hindi. True to its name, the company, Shasun Chemicals and Drugs Limited aims to be the leader in the CRAMS segment.

......As a leading supplier of CGMP pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediaries, the company has got production facilities in Pondicherry and Cuddalore..... full story>>

Nissan, World Vision set up child care centres

Automotive major Nissan Motor Co Ltd, World Vision India and World Vision Japan on Friday announced the completion of their joint mission of setting up six centers in India for children affected by the 2004, Tsunami.

The project, which was implemented by World Vision was funded by Nissan which donated Rs 48.4 lakh for it.

At a function here, L R Joshi, Group Executive for World Vision India's field operation said that two of the six Child Care centers were located in Cuddalore district. "Two centers in Nagapattinam have been handed over to the public schools. The remaining centres in Nagapattinam and Cuddalore were handed over to the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS), an Indian governmental organisation," he said full story>>

Telemedicine for mental illness

.....A project of the Schizophrenia Research Foundation (SCARF) and funded by Deutsche Bank, the telemedicine facility was started in the tsunami-hit areas to cater for people whose lives went awry after the killer waves hit the coast. Large numbers of people were affected, and telemedicine seemed the best way of "meeting" patients and following up without involving huge infrastructure costs.

While the project was conceived immediately after the tsunami, the first centre was opened in Dharmakulam, Karaikal, in June 2005, says Sujit John, co-ordinator of the programme. A unit is being set up at Thiruporur, and two more are coming up at Cuddalore and Nagapattinam.... full story>>

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Gagandeep Singh Bedi likely to be transfered

New government assumed power, already there were shuffle in top-level bureaucracies, next step would be to shuffle District Collectors and Police Service officers. We are likely to lose District Collector Mr.Gagandeep Singh Bedi, who was with us during the period of great distresses. He as a sole man took great pains in transforming Cuddalore. But three years is a smaller period to transform a town which has faced centuries of discrimination. Cuddalore is mentioned as 'Black Town' even in the history. An unfortunate town. It has every potential to grow into a metropolitan, but due to discrimination and "unsympathetic government policies" it lacks the development it deserves.Gagandeep Singh Bedi was the man who came to rescue. Unfortunately he is likely to be transfered.

Its worthwhile to recall Prime Miniter Dr.Manmohan Singh called District Collectors as "critical agents" for ensuring a new deal to rural India, on the District Collectors meet held on May 19 & 20, 2005. In the meet Prime Minister strongly insisted that District Collectors should not be transfered often, as it prevents them from effectively carrying out the developmental activities.He reiterated the same atleast on three other occassions.

Let us see whether the new government in the state which is in coalition with Manmohan Singh's Congress party abides to this.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Industries caught emitting toxic gases in the night - SACEM

Industries caught emitting toxic gases in the night

SACEM monitors report that most of the factories on the SIPCOT industrial estate including TANFAC, Tagros, Tantech and SPIC were engulfed in a heavy cloud of smoke around the midnight of May 4. The monitors who were on their way back from a wedding described the smell as intense and about 7 on a scale of 10. The odours were typical to each company but unusually intense.

The monitors who were traveling by autorikshaw experienced giddiness and headache and stated that the visibility in the industrial complex and on the highway was extremely poor.

Uppanar Pollution: Fishermen suffer, repeated complaints of pollution ignored by TNPCB -SACEM

Uppanar Pollution: Fishermen suffer, repeated complaints of pollution ignored by TNPCB

Pugazendhi, a fisherman and a SACEM member, reports that the stream near Arekema Peroxide which has been a source of problem for the local fishermen for a long time especially the resident fisherfolks of Sangolikuppam. Several complaints have been lodged but the situation remains unchanged. Fisherfolks of Sangolikuppam fish very close to the this stream and are often in neck deep water to retrieve the nets. These are the fishermen without Catamarams (boats) and hence come in contact with the contaminated water. They have serious skin ailments while the ones that use the Catamarams (boats) are fine.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Corrections to History:Cuddalore under British Regime

The following corrections are made to the article History:Cuddalore under British Regime

Fort St.David was built in 1653 A.D. by Elihu Yale (instead of Eligu El).The fort was renovated and restrengthened on 1693,1698,1702,1725,1740 and on 1745 (instead of 1975:excuse me - a blunder).

Until 1758 Cuddalore was the capital to South Indian territories which was under British control then (instead of capital of Tamil Nadu.NOTE:Tamil Nadu as a state was yet to be formed ).

Nawab Umdat-ul-Umara built Gadilam Castle in.....(instead of Uthulla).

Oberoi's orphanage

Vivek Oberoi's orphanage construction in Cuddalore makes a slow but steady progress.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Sanitary condition of fishing hamlets

Tens of hundreds of crores flowed in through governments and NGOs around the world, after tsunami,but nothing notable has been done to improve the sanitary condition of the fishing villages. Fisheries still stick on to age old way of doing things, irrespective of their economic background. They may be preoccupied, still isn't it the responsibility of the government to build toilets for the commuinity and educate them to use it properly.

More photographs of Cuddalore added

More photographs of Cuddalore are added to the 'Photos' section of the CuddaloreOnline group.They are added under the 'Cuddalore Streets & Buildings' album.These photographs are of resolution greater than 1024x768.Some of them can make good desktop wallpapers.

Jean Claude Brisseau.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Fleecing the public to increase the revenue - A frustrating experience on my journey by TNSTC bus.

I was waiting to catch the bus for Pondy at Koyambedu Bus terminus on Saturday-29/4/06. Due to holidays ahead there was a huge crowd waiting to catch the bus. Finally at 5.15 p.m. one bus with route board reading “PP Cuddalore” reached the bay. Many people rushed inside to catch their seats. Then came a surprise announcement from the conductor. The bus is “Express service to Cuddalore” and normal fares does not apply and only passengers bound to Pondy and Cuddalore would be allowed to travel. We were surprised to see a sticker pasted by the conductor to the front glass of the bus which reads “EXP”. The PP service was changed to EXP instantaneously.

All the buses which were bound to Chidambaram and Cuddalore parked adjacent to our bus were found to be given a similar treatment.

The fare increase works out to additional 6Rupees for Pondy and 8 Rupees for Cuddalore. When the conductor was asked about this, his prompt reply was that this is as per the instruction from his superior.

The registration of the bus is TN 32 Y 2246 bound to Cuddalore. The bus left Koyambedu bus stand at 5.45 p.m. Although it was claimed to be an Express Service no much difference could be felt on the service offered, which stopped at all places i.e at Tambaram, Melmaruvathur,Tindivanam and reached the nearby of Pondy at about 9.45 p.m. . As many as 15 passengers were bound to Tindivanam. Although the bus was packed to the full with passengers standing at the footboard too, the crew were still trying to add some more passengers by stopping at Melmaruvathur which caused further frustrations to the already irritated passengers.

Just by simply pasting a sticker “EXP” the TNSTC is making an additional revenue of more than Rs600 to the exchequer without any additional benefit to the passenger.

Is this an ethical way??.

Will the concerned authorities please give a look and save the public.

SIFFS` rehab of tsunami-hit fishermen earns laurels - Business Standard

Almost a year-and-a-half after the deadly tsunami struck, the fishermen in the disaster zones are fast regaining confidence, thanks to the dedicated efforts initiated by SIFFS. The major gainers are the fishermen in worst-affected Nagapattinam, Cuddalore and Villupuram in Tamil Nadu and the Union Territory of Pondicherry full story>>

CitiFinancial to invest in Cuddalore

CitiFinancial targets the large un-banked segment comprising small businessmen, small traders, maids and drivers in metros and also large population masses in small towns like Cuddalore and Tuticorin full story>>