Sunday, November 30, 2008

Unprecedented water level

Paadaleeswarar temple tank records unprecedented water level due incessant rain in Cuddalore for over a week. Its believed that this tank has underground channels linking the major rivers in Cuddalore.

Rain water from the temple premises drain into this tank. Though is the main source of water for the tank, rain water from the surrounding streets also drains into the tank during the recent years due to the rise in the level of the road.

Rain in Cuddalore

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Heavy Rain: Toxic Waste from SIPCOT Units Washed into Uppanar

Heavy Rains Takes a Toll on SIPCOT; SPIC's Boundary Wall Collapses; Toxic Waste from SIPCOT Units Washed into Uppnar - SACEM

Cuddalore, 28 November 2008: Incessant rains of the past few days is beginning to take its toll on SIPCOT units and also exposing the vulnerability of locating a extremely hazardous chemical estate on the banks of a river. According to the SACEM monitors about 40 feet high boundary wall of SPIC that separates the Eachangadu village from the unit collapsed into the neighbouring canal late last night. No one is reported to be injured in this incident. SACEM monitors are also reporting that the openly dumped toxic wastes within the premises of the unit are also submerged and leaching out in small streams into the river Uppanar.

SACEM monitors despite the heavy rains have patrolled the SIPCOT complex and found these damages due to the rains. SIPCOT residents and SACEM have demanded an immediate inspection of the units by the TNPCB to ascertain the amount of hazardous waste dumped inside the unit and initiate measures to contain the leachate within the unit.

More information on the condition of the industrial complex and damages is awaited.

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pollution update

Narmada Chemicals Continue Illegal Construction at SIPCOT; TNPCB Once Again a Mute Spectator -

Cuddalore, 20 November 2008: In an yet another case of blatant violation of the environmental regulations, Narmada Chemicals was caught red handed carrying out illegal operations in its premises without obtaining a valid Consent to Establish. SACEM monitors caught Narmada Chemicals drilling about 4 borewells inside the premises on 17th November 2008. Upon verification with the Pollution Control Board officials they found out that the unit has not yet been given a valid Consent to Establish. The violation though has been brought to the notice of the TNPCB, the officials are yet to take action on the unit and stop work.

While initiating work without a valid permission is a habit for the units in SIPCOT, not taking action on complaints reported to them is becoming a habit of the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board in Cuddalore.

This is a second attempt of the unit to construct illegally, an earlier attempt in 2007 was thwarted by SACEM.