Sunday, September 28, 2008

Underground drainage construction - Part 3

As I have written in Underground drainage construction - Part 2 road laying work precedes underground drainage construction work in many other parts of Cuddalore. This clearly reflects lack of coordination between the departments, if this is not a well played vicious game.

Underground drainage construction work in Bodi Chetty street
Around five months back (supposedly) State Highway Department laid roads in Bodi Chetty street which is now damaged in the underground drainage construction work as seen in the photograph above. A open sewage line was constructed just before laying the road. I wonder what would be the necessity for this open sewage line (rain water drain ? - if that is the case I still wonder how rain in the road will get into this - the concrete wall of the sewage line is well above the road level) while underground drainage system is coming up. Now for the houses to connect with underground drainage system, the concrete walls of this open sewage line will be broken apart. This is how the game is played!!

Drainage construction work in Cart street, where only a couple of months back black topped road was laid.

Friday, September 26, 2008

SIPCOT pollution update

Aria Chemical's Illegal Construction Stopped by TNPCB
Cuddalore, 17 September 2008: TNPCB today ordered Aria Chemicals from engaging in any activity in their proposed plant site until they receive formal permissions to commence construction. Read More...

Pioneer Continues to Dump and Bury its Waste Illegally Within its Premises
Cuddalore, 16 September 2008: A week after SACEM first reported that Pioneer Jelice India in Cuddalore was illegally storing its waste in sacks behind the ETP plant in its premises, sources reveal that Pioneer is also burying the same waste in the area. Read More...

TNPCB Fails to Take Action on Chemplast's Glass Waste Dump on the Banks of Uppanar
Cuddalore, 16 September 2008: SACEM monitors reported that the TNPCB has failed to take action on Chemplast Sanmar to stop it from dumping waste glass pieces on the banks of the river Uppanar. Read More...