Friday, May 22, 2009

Mosquito trap

Something Cuddalore needs very badly at the moment.

A ‘trap’ to prevent mosquito breeding - The Hindu

Shastry V. Mallady
— Photo: K. Ganesan
The ‘trap’ will be of great use in rubber plantations.

MADURAI: A simple ‘trap’ to prevent breeding of mosquitoes, designed at the Centre for Research in Medical Entomology (CRME) here, a laboratory under the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), is getting ready to be patented.

An anti-breeding trap with easy to handle mechanical design would be of great use, particularly in rubber plantations of Kerala, where the breeding of Aedes albopictus mosquito is the root cause of dengue, according to CRME entomologists.

“This mosquito is a transmitter of vector-borne diseases like dengue. It breeds in rubber plantations and then becomes disease carrier. So, we have come out with a simple solution to a major problem,” B.K. Tyagi, Officer in-charge, CRME, told The Hindu here on Thursday.

The anti-Aedes albopictus breeding trap would be put on rubber collection cups in plantations. It would be able to prevent breeding because of the “simple engineering work” done with regard to the mesh, netting, slider and gauge. The cost of this trap would be just around Rs.100 and materials used by the CRME would be familiar to plantation workers. “We have experimented with the trap locally and found that mosquito breeding did not occur in places where it was tested,” he said. Documentary evidence was sent to the ICMR requesting to initiate the process for getting a patent.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Commercial complex at busstand premises demolished

After a long struggle the commercial complex in Cuddalore bus stand premises is demolished.

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Inaction From TNPCB Helps SIPCOT Unit Cover Up Illegality

Inaction From TNPCB Helps SIPCOT Unit Cover Up Illegality -

Cuddalore 27 April 2009: Local monitors report that delay from the TNPCB in taking action on the illegal operations of Aurobindo Pharma may have helped the unit cover up its illegalities and escape punishment. According to the sources the unit has been producing a chemical (7AVMA) without valid permissions under the Consent to Establish and Operate for the past few months. On the evening of 22 April 2009 Cuddalore District Consumer Protection Organisation (CDCPO) brought this illegality to the notice of the DEE Cuddalore through a fax. In its letter CDCPO also mentioned that the unit had constructed a 500 tonne storage tank as opposed to the 100 tonnes permitted by the TNPCB. Even though the DEE was alerted about this illegality in the evening of 22nd April, he did not make a site visit to investigate the complaint until the evening of the 24th April thus giving time to the unit to cover its tracks. After visiting the unit the DEE informed the complainant on the phone that the unit had undertaken trial runs of the product without valid permission but did not mention or assure about his course of action on the unit for this violation. Even after the site visit no action has been taken on the unit so far.

Moreover it is now learnt from the workers inside the unit that on the evening of 26th April 2009, the unit illegally transported one tanker lorry of the chemical (7AVMA) to Banguluru to escape punishment. Residents believe that the delay in the investigations and action of TNPCB officials have led to this situation where the unit has adopted measures to cover up its illegalities and is likely to escape punishment.

Illegal operations and delay in the action of the TNPCB has been highlighted in several cases before. This case merely reinforces the lack of political will of the TNPCB to take action on the violators. A complaint on this incident has been filed with the Chairperson of TNPCB specifically demanding enquiry on the role of the DEE in implementing the environmental law in the SIPCOT region.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Tamil film directors to campaign in Cuddalore

Tamil directors jump into poll campaigning - The Times of India
2 May 2009, 0509 hrs IST, TNN

CHENNAI: A section of the film fraternity, led by director Bharathiraja, has decided to take a plunge into electioneering. Not for canvassing
votes but to seek support for the Eelam cause.

Tamil film directors including Bharatiraja, R K Selvamani, R Sundarrajan, Seeman, Ameer, Cheran, Selvabharathy , actors Vadivelu, Manivannan and poets Arivumathi and Snehan all members of the newly-constituted Tamil Film World Tamil Eelam Supporters' Movement would be touring Congress bastions and constituencies where the party has fielded its candidates. They will camapign in the state from May 4 to 11.

"We have come together not for vote gathering, but to garner support for our Tamil brethren in Sri Lanka. Our agenda is to identify those politicians we consider as hostile to the plight of ethnic Tamils in Sri Lanka," said Bharatiraja, in a veiled reference to Congress leaders. However, he refused to identify them.

The campaign would kick off from Anna Statue in Kancheepuram before proceeding to Salem, Thiruppur, Dindigul, Virudhunagar, Tenkasi, Thiurnelveli, Cuddalore and Pudhicerry. The director also affirmed that the movement would oppose the visit of Sonia Gandhi to Tamil Nadu "until she gives a call to stop the war."

Lankan Tamils saved near Cuddalore coast

Oil ship personnel save two Lankan Tamils from mid-sea - The Hindu

Rameswaram (PTI): Two Sri Lankan Tamils, who were drifting in the mid-sea off Cuddalore coast in South Arcot district, were saved by the personnel of an oil ship, on Saturday night.

According to Q-branch police officials, Athan (27) and Dansan (39) were slowly moving in the mid-sea in a boat, after the engine of their boat fell into the sea four days back.

The personnel of the ship, which was transporting oil for Reliance, handed both of them to the Coast Guard and they were brought to the Mandapam camp on Sunday.

Athan and Dansan had fled the battle ridden island nation fearing for their lives and the engine of their boat fell into the sea, according to police.

They said the army was attacking Kudiyiruppu area in Mullaitivu when they left the country. Some persons who were fleeing from the area had been shot dead by the army, they claimed.

Some people were escaping by boats to Mathalai and from there to Trincomallee and surrendering before the army, they added.