Monday, March 21, 2005

News Items

Hello viewers here I give you link to some of the news items it found worthy dicussing

In many of the major cities in several countries there is always a well made arrangement for night shopping and night dining in streets in a reguralized manner,articularly tourists from western countries like it.Here I give you link to an article appeared on 'THE HINDU'.Its about the Food Steert in Lahore.Just see how beautiful it looks here

The Confederation of Indian Industry has sought to clarify doubts and apprehensions in respect of State-level value added tax in this FAQ exclusive to'The Hindu'. Here is the link to the FAQ

Here is a edittorial published on 'THE HINDU' about the e-governance


IF A MASSIVE infusion of funds is the magical solution quickly to transform India into a networked nation offering efficient citizen services through e-government... full story

Here is an article appeared in Thirunavanthapuram edition of 'THE HINDU'

Get set to explore the wild

IT IS not every day that children get an invitation to let themselves go, be wild and free.
World Wide Fund for Nature, India (WWF-India), is extending them an irresistible offer to go wild this summer by joining their nature awareness and orientation programme during summer..full story

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