Sunday, May 27, 2007

FOURTH DAY of Silver Beach Summer festival

The interesting events included in the the fourth day were sand sculpture, boat race and dog show.
But oh! the boat show was cancelled due to poor participation.

Now lets have a look of the events...

An orchestra performance going on...

A wonderful sand sculpture created by students of Barathiar Palkalaikoodam welcoming the photographers with delight.

The Dog show...
The organisers have planned it very well by arranging separate schedules for the different breed of dogs.

The presence of the Rajapalayam breed was quite wonderful. At some point of time they had some difference of opinion among themselves it seems and quarrelled a lottill their masters took turn to control them.

The kalakal of the dog show was one Great Dane which was so big enough with people commenting it as kannukutti (cow calf). Its height is double than the usual dogs, a first sight to many of the visitors. We were told that its from the owner of Krishnalaya Theater.

The show was great but enough lighting was not there to make good snaps. The lights provided were far off from the place of the show.

Then the wonderful performance of dogs from the police department continued. But lighting provided for the show was very poor for snapping. So I could not make it for our blog.

The flood light away from the place of the show helped me a lot, where I requested some of the dog owners for the photograph. They were kind enough to pose their vets for the photos. A big THANKS to them.

A shadow puppet show was going on at the stage. The officials informed that this is a very rare art. The two elderly people who performed the show are eager to teach this ancient art, so that it is propagated to the next generation, but the sad part is that there are still no takers. This art was being promoted by the grand daughter of our father of nation Mahatma Gandhi.

The performers of the shadow puppet show.

The interesting folk show called Thappatam continued. The performers were so skilled in their coordination of steps.

The show with the drums.

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