Sunday, April 10, 2005

New road divider from outskirts of Cuddalore

Again as the roads getting heavily populated it is absolute neccessary to bring up new road dividers not only inside the town but also from uptown to down the town.I know its economically not possible to do that right now,but I am speaking about a well structured tall road dividers and atleast a foot height road dividers can be built.

* Kondur to Semandalam
*Cuddalore OT to Cuddalore NT
*Allpet checkpost to Manjakuppam Manigudu

will do.


Arun said...

hey dont u know tat there is a median being built in the one way road on the way to pondy?
i.e. semmandalan stop! tat's alredy said to be one way then why the hell they've built tat median? :->

Jean-Claude said...

Yes,construction work is on.

1.Construction work started just less that a couple of months back but as you see I have posted this on April.

2.That is not a one way road to Pondy,its just a bypass road to Pondy/Chennai.

3.Even if you still argue it to be a one way the road still deserves a median because a new BusStand will be comming up in the present Sugarcane Research Centre shortly.