Thursday, June 22, 2006

Cuddalore Port to be deepened

The news that Cuddalore Port will be deepened at the cost of Rs.15 crores is a bit disappointing when the shipping ministry in union government is with the party of incumbents in the state, and so when we are expecting something big. This measly allocation will hardly be enough to desilt certain portions of the harbour to facilitate the easy movement of fishing vessel, and nothing more.

Cuddalore port is in a neglected state for more than two decades. Even on early 70's, it set records on goods handling. But fell there after. It is customary for politicians (of minister cadre) to make a visit to the port once in around every five years and make some big promises. But no notable efforts were taken.

Around 2001-02 when then (state) government was in its early stages of its term, put forth a proposal to to built a 'mega' port in Cuddalore and the task the was to be vested in the hands to a Singapore firm.

But what followed was a 'mega' chaos. It was the time when projects like Nagarjuna's refinery and Relaince's thermal power project was getting into shape.So coal from Australia and and crude oil from middle east were to be the major imports of the proposed port. It was said that, then Chief Minister of Andra Pradesh Mr.Chandrababu Naidu put pressure on Nagarjuna Group to setup the refinery in Andra Pradesh itself. At certain point of time, work on the refinery project was progressing slowly (which was partly because that Nagarjuna could not attain financial closure). It was around this time feasibility test was conducted for the port. Government stated that, since both the refinery and power plant project were dropped, it is dropping its proposal to bring up the mega port in Cuddalore.

After government dropping the new project for the port, Reliance which was actually much eager to setup the power plant here, reciprocated by dropping its plan on the grounds that the port is not to comeup here (It later setup power plant in Tuticorin). Government dropped its port project and Reliance dropped its power plant project, pointing out each other. Cuddalore lost both the 'mega' projects.

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Unknown said...

ennore port ltd (epl)was the only corporatised major port developed by goi. the ennore port is at present concentrating in commissioning of its 2nd stage development activities which will enhance its present capacity of 12 mt to 50 mt by 2011-12(end of 11th 5 year plan). epl is also looking for strategic investment in minor ports of tamilnadu particularly cuddalore. we plan in a big way to development the cuddalore port with huge investment. let us hope the best.