Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Opportunities in front of us

Tata Group is to "conduct a survey in Tamil Nadu to explore the avenuenes for investment in the state" Tata Group is interested in setting up power plant in the state. So it would prefer a port town. Cuddalore must make use of the oppurtunity and convince the group see Cuddalore as a potential avenue. Once Tata Group chooses Cuddalore it will become an oppurtunity to win a huge allocation for the developement of the port here.

Once if Cuddalore gets the project (and thus the port) ready there are several advantages. One, the power plant itself will create thousands of employement opputunities. Two, Tata Housing & Developement Corporation may come up with an housing project of building townships (a part of which will be utilised for staff quarters). Three, subsequently when we get the port functioning, Cuddalore will become a lovable destination for investors investing on mega project.

A major port in Cuddalore is inevitable for the development of the region. It is boon for a town to be located on the coast. If the geographical location of a place is not constructively exploited, any region will always deprive developement .

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