Thursday, December 14, 2006

Dreamproject coming true

Kammianpet shows visible development within a year of completion of the link bridge connecting Semandalam. There are abundance vacant spaces in this area which can very well be utilised for various public buildings and for the commercial development of the town.

This place is easily accessible from many parts of the town which makes it suitable site for public buildings and government offices. This is a potential place for the proposed Integrated Courts Complex and an Integrated Offices Complex. An Integrated Offices Complex may help shift the offices functioning in rented buildings. It would be a great relief for various departments which pays huge sum as rent.

The development of the locality must be planned and a design layout must be drafted out to guide the development. The place is also suitable for bringing up commercial establishments. Government can even come up with a multistoryed market similar to the one proposed for Erode.

As a first step to increase the more activity along this stretch, 'Share Auto' service and the bus service must be introduced.

A long sighted initiative must be taken for traffic planning. Necessary land must be acquired and reserved along the road and railway routes, before the value of the land sores up.

As the value of the land rises encroachments becomes an major issue. Real estate owners tries to make most of the land: their own land and the public land. Already some of them have illegally occupied the river bank with help of corrupt officials. This illegal occupation is done along the south west corner of the bridge, which is shown in photo. Note: The photograph was taken several months back, now the place looks completely different.

A distant view of Kammianpet-Semandalam bridge as seen from the land which was recently converted into plots.

The river bund road connecting Jawan's Bhavan and Kammianpet has further increased the land value. This was a dreamproject for decades. The inaccessible part of the town is about to get a good access. De-congesting the roads is the direct reason behind the project, but the resulting development along is this stretch will be unimaginable. A similar bund road from Kammianpet and Padirikuppam would nurture the ongoing developement process. Though it may not be economically viable to carry out such a project at this stage, keeping the river bank safe from illegal occupiers is vital.

Note: The above photos were taken several months back

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Dennis S. Jesudasan said...

Could I suggest the blogger of another new project which can help in making Cuddalore greener than before?.The dist.admin. could supervise this.that will be organising a sapling planting day or camp!With the students of all the schools of Cuddalore,the saplings could be distributed to them through their school admin n they shall plant them on thier way back home!If we engage some 10,000 students from various schools,each planting 5 saplings,we shall atleast get 30,000 saplings grown if 20,000 die.May be the blogger could make a better plan out of this sketch n publicise this project!!!

Jean-Claude said...

Good Denis, can you write an article about it and send it to cuddaloreonline[at] .

We will be more than happy to post it