Sunday, November 25, 2007

Drinking water in Cuddalore

The above photo shows the dirty colour of the drinking water received through the Municipal water pipe. The water is so dirty that it raises the questions of safety precautions taken by the authorities in providing the basic amenity to the residents of Tirupapuliyur.


Anonymous said...

District Administration takes a serious note of the water quality issue raised by you. I invite you to discuss the issue with complete details with District Collector and Concerened officials on 17.12.2007 at 9.30 am in Water Supply meeting at Collector's Camp Office . I wish to inform you and the people of Cuddalore that all the water sources are being periodically tested for water quality and corrective steps are being taken for non potable water sources.
Rajendra Ratnoo, IAS
District Collector, Cuddalore

Ray said... is nice to note that the Collector checks your website and even responds to your articles. I hope it is not some prankster. The only way to know is for you folks to attend the meeting on Dec 17 @ 9:30. Please write an article about the outcome of the meeting.

Great job guys!!


Thiyag said...

Hey..its gr8 yar...Hats off to the District collector of Cuddalore..

K. Srinivasan said...

I appreciate the District Collector, who keeps his eyes and ears open. Presently, social media brings all the stakeholders much more closer.

Mr Rajendra Ratnoo - Please keep it up and continue to maintain relationship with stakeholders and try to address their grievances. All the best.

K. Srinivasan

Srini said...

To The District Collector,

We are proud of the initiation taken by the District Administration towards the betterment of Cuddalore and I will surely be coming for the meeting.
Awaiting your help always in supporting this website in our endeavours towards the development of Cuddalore.

Thank you very much for visiting our site amidst your busy schedule.

Anonymous said...

Great Initiative...! And its very enthusiastic to find that government officials are gearing up to Social media in such a proactive manner

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

If you have ever had Reiki. If you believe in radios but don't know how they really truly work. If you have ever experienced intuition before. If you believe water is far, far more than a clear liquid, then possibly you'll be open to the concept of 'energy'/ether healing water and then you can begin to see how many could be helped using this approach.

Too much detail for this comment but if a radio antenna can attract a certain frequency we can't see, that carries infomation in it then surely we should be open to a device that attracts the good stuff, ether (chi, Prana) to the water source. Then, by virtue of the 'intelligence' of water, the waters current sick status is transformed to the resonance of the ether.

Weird? Maybe to many. Untrue? Not to this young duck.

I have one. A Vortex Energizer that is a stand alone device that is placed, preferably, at the mains. All water passing it will take on the resonance/energy of the attracted ether. Result. Water that tastes brilliant. Every test i do with friends comes back the same.

Maybe the world isn't ready for the implimentation of this conept on a large scale but at least we can start at home/village. Maybe they'll start asking questions.