Thursday, May 01, 2008

Underground drainage construction - Part 2

In some parts of the town like in Govindasamy Nagar, new road was laid just before the starting the underground drainage work. Like many, I believe this is not just a lack of coordination between the departments, but done intentionally to loot away the fund allocated by doing a poor quality work, which anyhow will be covered up once the drainage works begins.

In some streets like in Periyanayagi Amman Kovil Street, the road laying work has started before the pipe laying work for the underground drainage is complete. As a result the new road is damaged as the drainage work progresses. It has been more than five years since road was laid last time in this street. Can't they wait for a couple of months ? Isn't this intentional ??

Road laying work in Periyanayagi amman kovil street in Thirupadhiripuliyur

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Anonymous said...

Only the district administration have to take necessary action in this issue.we cant expect this from our collector as he is also like our politicians.MONEY CLOSES EVERYONES EYES,THIS IS THE THING HAPPENED IN THIS REGARD TOO.people knows everything,the remedy is far away from our collector.THE ACTIONS ARE ONLY IN THE WORDS FROM OUR COLLECTOR,BUT NO ACTION AT ALL.anyway we have patience to wait for the collector in this regard because we dont have anyother go..