Friday, February 27, 2009

Double-tumbler system still in practice in Cuddalore district

Untouchability still practised: CPI(M) - The Hindu

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Party gives representation to Cuddalore Collector

Double-tumbler system in tea shops at Nallathur

Graveyards allotted to Dalits encroached upon

CUDDALORE: The practice of untouchability against the Dalits is still prevalent in certain pockets in Cuddalore district.

A study team of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), comprising district secretary S.Dhanasekaran, union secretary G.Madhavan, block secretary K.Kandasamy and Untouchability Eradication Front organiser S.Durairaj, came out with the findings recently.

In a representation given to Collector Rajendra Ratnoo, the team noted that the Dalits were still discriminated against in terms of access to community centres and marriage halls.

For instance, at Nallathur, double-tumbler system in tea shops was still in practice.

Barber shops turned down the Dalits and even push carts owned by the panchayat for carrying the deceased to graveyard were denied to them.

They could not gain entry into any of the five temples in the village. Moreover, the graveyards allotted to the Dalits at Periyakanganankuppam in Cuddalore block and Periya Kappankulam in Vriddhchalam block were encroached upon.

Hence, the Dalits had to bury the dead in the vicinity of their habitations.

Therefore, the study team called upon the district administration to earmark separate graveyards for the Dalits and also secure the places from possible encroachments.

It also called for suitable action against those who were indulging in such discriminatory practices.

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