Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sea safety

I have long been wondering if we could in any way make fishing a safer experience for the fisheries. With the present technological advancements the safety of the fishermen can be improved even with the low cost equipments.

I have come accross Sea Safety South Asia's website which contains huge information about fishermen safety and safer fishing practices. Sea Safety South Asia is a sister concern of South Indian Federation of Fishermen Societies's (SIFFS).

According to SIFF's estimate there 12874 fishing families in Cuddalore district. It further says safety awareness has greatly improved in Cuddalore and Nagapattinam after the tsunami. But obviously a lot more to be improved.

As many of the viewers are from the fishing community and many others are in some way closely connected to fisheries friends, I request you to visit Sea Safety South Asia's website and the take the safety practices to the fishing masses.

The organisation also has an active discussion group.


Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for your comments on our web site Jean-Claude.

John Swamy (SIFFS)

Jean-Claude said...

Hi John, I am really thrilled to see your comment.

Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jean-Claude,

This to inform you that an overview of marine accidents in
the small scale fishery of Tamil Nadu can be downloaded here:

It contains analysis of accidents in all the 12 coastal districts of
Tamil Nadu including Cuddalore.

This is a first time effort at
documenting and analysing accidents in the small scale fishery of Tamil Nadu. This document has only scratched the surface and we'll be doing a detailed district-wise analysis shortly.

Hope you find this document useful in your work in the coastal areas
of Cuddalore. If you have any queries on accidents in the small scale fishery of Cuddalore, please write in.

Best, John