Thursday, November 10, 2011

Activists urge government to abandon Kudankulam project - The Hindu

Activists urge government to abandon Kudankulam project
Special Correspondent

CUDDALORE, November 8, 2011

Environmentalists and consumer activists staged a demonstration in front of the Collectorate here on Monday clamouring for abandonment of the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project.

Members of the Consumer Federation-Tamil Nadu, SIPCOT Area Community Environmental Monitors and the People Movement Against Nuclear Power participated in it.

Executive secretary of the Consumer Federation M. Nizamudeen said that India should draw a lesson from the nuclear power plant disasters occurred elsewhere in the world and the recent being the Fukushima plant in Japan that was devastated by the tsunami and caused untold misery to the people there.


There was no second opinion over the fact that electricity generation ought to be augmented to meet the increasing demand. But considering the fact that nuclear power plants had the potential to wreak long-term havoc on humanity, marine life and on the living beings on the earth the best option available was to jettison such projects and to tap safe and clean sources of energy.


Anonymous said...

Wait within next 30 years you will go stone age, and live in caves and forget about technology and your ----------------------------

Tintumon said...

Jaya knew she has limited role to start/stop nuclear project. Since, MMS/Centre was silent when protest was going on at nuclear plant.
Jaya has reminded MMS/Centre of their responsibility towards their own nuclear project.
She has very clearly asked them to convince the protesters about the safety aspect of nuclear project and until that point close the activity in nuclear plant.

Anonymous said...