Sunday, December 04, 2005

Chemplast-Sanmar Cuddalore PVC plant cleared

Ministry for Environment and Forests (MoEF) has given the clearance for a Rs. 400 crore PVC (poly vinyl chloride) plant to be set up by the Chemplast-Sanmar Group at Cuddalore.The ground-breaking ceremony will be on March 2006.

Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board and the MoEF said that they were satified with the precautions taken by the promoters.

There were lots of protest againt the project by various environmental groups and local people.Scientists have spoted out various flaws in the proposed design.They have also pointed out various shortcomings in 'Environmental Impact Assesment (EIA) for the PVC plant'.

The feedstock for the PVC plant will be vinyl chloride monomer(VCM).VCM is carcinogenic compound. The initial production will be for 1.40 lakh tonnes.The production will be stepped up to 1.70 lakh tonnes on a later stage.

Chemplast puts that the unit will be a "zero discharge unit"(certainly not going to be the case).It adds that it will not use ground water but setup a desalination plant to process seawater. An 8 MW power plant will be part of the Cuddalore complex, to come up in the SIPCOT industrial


Anonymous said...

cuddalore is getting only chemical factories / hazardous projects. A sore to we cuddaloreans

Why not software companies come into this arena.

This will return profits as well as there will be no pollution

ragothaman said...

chemical factory or software company, first of all they give first prefrence to cuddalore peoples, but this not happend no one take care about this problem, collectorate department struggle to get the first prefrence to the cuddalore people for the upcoming projects this is my humble rewuesr