Thursday, December 15, 2005

Welcome move

Thiruvallur,Kanchipuram and Chennai district administrations are fast removing encroachments.Especially Thiruvallur district administrattion is doing a good job.Almost 5 buildings occuping around 7 acres of a deemed university were demolished and still the demolition continues for the second day.This is a bold step forward.Days when encroachers taking shelter of judicial system are gone.Courts started realising the seriousness of the issue and turns hard againt encroachers.

Things should not stop with this.They have occupied the land and brought agony to public.They must be made to hold the liability.I dont think any such law provision exists in India to make encroachers liable for their illegal activity.Even if there exists one none of the governments or administrations makes use of it.Like Polluter Pays Principle there must be Encroacher Pays Principle.If governments or judicial system has soft corner towards them its equivalent to encouraging them.

In India it is common sight to see encroachers reoccuping land within few days or even hours after the enviction.This reflects the ineffectiveness of the entire system.

Even interesting is the case if the public land is occupied for religious needs.Some argue that demolishing such occupied structures hits the religious sentiments of the people.Certain group of organisations always to ready to back such arguers.Even distressing were the verdicts of the courts in such cases.

In Cuddalore the situation is much the same.There are several instances where encroachers have transfered government property into their own.Particularly in Nellikuppam Road most shops and work-shops between Hospital Road and Semandalam are on such occupied land.Most of these shops were inundated a few weeks back.
There is a proposal to rise and strengthen the bunds on Gedilam river and to construct a new road over that.So the present situation can be well utilised by the district administration to remove those encroachments and kick start the proposed project.Let us see how the Collector Mr.GanadeepSingh Bedi handles this.

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