Sunday, September 03, 2006

Broadening of Hospital Road and the shortfalls

Several months back Hospital Road was broadened. There were electric posts at the edge of the old road. The extension work was carried without shifting the posts away. As a results vehicles cannot go beyond the old road. The broadening work did not serve its purpose. Concrete floors laid as a part of the extension work were of extreme poor quality.
Now a few weeks back a black topped road was laid over that again without shifting the electric posts outwards. May it be luggishness of Electricity Board or the Department of Highways, ultimate sufferers are the people.

The footpath construction work is in progress on the other side of the road. Though in a very slow pace,seems the work would get complete in a couple of months.

The most dangerous part of the road is turning where Hospital Road leads into Nellikuppam High Road. Building of median helped to bring down the number of accidents here. But still it is not a safer place. Trees are cut down and culverts are extended to broaden the road here. Seems some work on the drainge need to done (to the north of the road) before the actual broadening process can take place. But the temple to the south of the road here remains untouched. It is sensitive issue to remove an encroachment when it is temple. People easily get infuriated and fall to pseudo sentiments when a temple is to be removed and try all they can do to stop the removal work. Without realising that it is being down for their comfort and saftey, and finally one day they themselves or their children become the prey.

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