Sunday, September 10, 2006

Roads lead nowhere

Improper planning on a larger scale and violations of norms has resulted in too many dead ends in newly emerging residential areas. There is a definite pattern in which these new residential areas come up. First the fields along the prominent roads are cleared for plots. Houses and shops come up along these roads. Only after few years houses come up on the inner lands. Due to lack of long sighted planning the streets of the earlier developed areas dont lead into the the later, resulting in dead ends. Real estate owners while designing a 'nagar' tries to utilise as much area as possible and makes plot at the end of road which actually must have lead into the next nagar which come up later. Also these nagars dont have as much public spaces or broader streets as it is supposed to have. Nagars and their streets in Semandalam and Koothapakkam are good examples.