Saturday, September 02, 2006

Trucks find difficult to enter Panpari Market

Panpari market in Thirupadhiripuliyur is an important centre of commercial activity in the town. Since it is located in most accessible part of the town people conveniently use it to get the essential daily commodities. Vegetables from the all around the state and from the neighbouring states reach the market through trucks. There are three notable entry points for the market, two in Lawrence Road and one in Vandipalayam Road. Of these the one in Vandipalayam Road and one among the two in Lawrence Road is too narrow for the trucks to enter.

So all the trucks entering the market to unload must rely on the thrid entry point near the railway gate in Lawrence Road. But this entry point is also narrow. It can merely let a truck to crawl in. As the day gets busy this place gets congested making it more difficult for the trucks. Also a large number of hawkers,foot path vendors and push cart vendors throng along this entry. Since there no enough space in Lawrence Road at this place for the trucks to take a turn, trucks takes a lot of time to get in and get out this entrance which leads to traffic blocks in the Lawrence Road. To add to the agony, there is step slope from the Lawrence Road. A slightest mistake by truck driver would prove disastrous (Its is worthwhile to recall an accident near Aanjinair temple several years back. Brake failure on a truck riding up the slope costed the life two pilgrims). Further whenever traffic gets blocked here some haste their way into the right side of the road which increases the possibilities of head-on collision with the vehicles coming from the railway station end.

Though broadening of this entry point would be helpful, an alternative entrace would be a lasting solution. Possibilities of an altrenative entrance from Vandipalyam Road and from the new Railway Overbridge end must be explored.

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