Friday, June 01, 2007

ELEVENTH DAY of Padaleeswarar Temple festival

The carnatic music troupe making fine tunes..

The fire works on the sky amused the spiritual visitors to the eleventh day of the festival.

The Diety on Theppal (Float) .

In earlier days (years ago) on the day of the Float festival the water from the temple tank would be flushed out and fresh water filled into the temple tank by the Fire Service Dept.
But this practise is not being followed these days. Today the float festival is conducted on the stagnant water in the temple tank, which is not at all cleaned thoroughly. The rubbish and filth removed from the tank was found dumped on the South East corner of the temple tank. The people who had come for worshipping the Lord had to bear with the bad odour.
A sordid experience that too at a place of worship.

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