Friday, June 01, 2007

TENTH DAY of Padaleeswarar Temple festival

A carnatic music orchestra making melodies.

The Lord making the veedhi ula on the "Pushpa Pallaku "


Siva Nara said...

Thanks for posting pictures.

Having lived in Cuddalore for 25 years, and now being in U.S., makes me happy to see these festivals.

I remember during my earlier days, visiting the temple almost every week.

Glad to bring back old memories.

Thanks for posting them.

Jean-Claude said...

Thank you Siva Nara, for sharing your old memories. We will try to cover all important events. Keep visiting ! Have a wonderful time !! :)


Anonymous said...

Excellent Blog. am devotee of Padaleeswarar and living in Toronto. Great to see the lord through your Blog. Keep posting...