Sunday, June 24, 2007

The modus operandi of Sugarcane farmers.

Usually the sugar cane farmers wait a long time for getting cutting orders from their respective sugar factory. The sugar cane inspector allocates a date for the cutting order then the farmer harvests the sugar cane and send it to the sugar cane factory. This is the practice which is a long time consuming affair. Actually the produce has to be harvested after 10 months but the allotment is given usually after 12 or 13 months by the sugar factory.

The trick used by some clever farmers.
They wait neither for the cutting order nor long time delay for getting his payment from the sugar factory. They simply burn their dried sugarcane leaves and the fire spreads to a part of the field
thus a fire accident is created. Then fire service department is called for extinguishing the fire. Then the farmer "pays" the Fire Dept Rs.1000/- and gets necessary reports of "Fire Incident " in the sugar cane field from the Fire Department. Once this certificate is produced in the sugar factory there is no looking back for the farmer. He harvests his sugar cane and sends it to the sugar factory and also there is no need for his truck load to wait in long queues. The truck loads zips fast into the sugar factory and the payment for his produce (minus Rs.30 per tonne about 3% of the rate per tonne) is done immediately since he is an "affected farmer".

Just see the irony here,
Fire Department is meant for life saving services in case of fire accidents and emergencies but some farmers buy this out for One Thousand Rupees to get their immediate money for their harvest. An alternate strategy to make good return of investment for their hard work.

This horrible reality is a usual news for the people living around our city. e.g. - Sethiathope, a town situated on Vadalur - Kumbakonam road.

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