Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Anandhan Nagar gets back to normal

Flood affected Anandhan Nagar is getting back to normal gradually. The situation now is far better than it was when we reported last time.

When we published Drainage water flooded houses in Anandhan Nagar article, District Administrator Mr. Rajendra Ratnoo took immediate action to pump out the flood water. As could be seen in the photo below, the situation is far better now.

More than a month after the rain, and even after pumping out the flood water, drainage still remains stagnated in some of the houses. Makeshift boats are the only way to reach some houses.

Local residents say, blocking of drainage flow at Hospital Road as one of the reason for unprecedented water level this year. I doubt if this could be the case, as this area seems to be lower than the Hospital Road.

A permanent solution is still unimaginable, as the entire area is lying low, and surrounded by drainage ponds. I wonder how permission was given to build houses in such places. Apart from Anandhan Nagar there are numerous drainage ponds located at Vallalar Nagar, Vilva Nagar and in Allagappa Nagar. The water in these ponds always remains at ground level. When there is a heavy rain or during the monsoon, the water level raises above the road.

As it could be seen in the picture below, all these ponds are covered with water hyacinth. As a long term solution is far from sight, removing the water hyacinth on a regular basis would help to keep the water level low.

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