Saturday, February 16, 2008

Triumph for the residents of Anadhan Nagar

We wrote about drainage flooding houses at Anandhan Nagar ( Drainage water flooded houses in Anandhan Nagar and Anandhan Nagar gets back to normal ). In a response to the article, District Collector Mr. Rajendra Ratnoo was kind enough to invite the Residents Associations of the locality for Grievance Meeting held at Collector's Camp Office on 11-Feb-2008.

From the residents who attended the meeting, we come know that, the permanent solution put forth - raising the level of the road (which runs between the drainage ponds and Anandhan Nagar) - was accepted and sufficient fund has been allocated by the District Collector for the proposed work.

I like to share an interesting piece of information which I came to know very recently. The drainage pond in the picture below is said to be formed within last 10-15 years. Earlier it was just a low lying place where children use to play cricket. Rain water used to stagnate for a few months following and then it used to try up. But all changed when drainage from Vilvanagar Housing Board Government Quarters was directed here (It is said that, at the time of construction of Government Quarters, proper drainage system was not put in place as a 'cost cutting measure' ).

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