Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Barricades are used to regulate traffic and are usually placed in a direction across the traffic flow. In the above picture the barricades are clearly visible since it is seen from the side.

But for the road users it will not be clearly visible as seen in the picture below.
In Cuddalore at most of the places, these barricades are used for lane separation and are seen placed in parallel direction to the traffic. Since it is of poor visibility to the oncoming vehicle traffic, the probability of head on collision with these iron barricades are imminent. This unsafe practice is bound to endanger the life of the vehicle users especially the two wheelers.

To avoid any untoward incident these suggestions can be considered
1. The width of the barricade can be increased.
2. Reflector boards can be fixed so the visibility is increased.
3. Barricades can be replaced with horizontal reflector boards.
4. Bright coloured cones can be used.
5. Concrete lane dividers can be laid.


Anonymous said...

These barricades visible are locally made, but serves the purpose a bit!

But Specially designed barricades are readily availabe nowadays...

Made up of PVC and other materials.. infilled with water, provides more reinforcement to the barricade which are easy to deploy anywhere!

And also to be mentioned that these specially designed barricades are cheaper than the conventional iron or concrete!

At the end, the govt., i.e the traffic police should be acquaintance of newer systems like these and protect more lives!

Jean-Claude said...

Thanks a lot for the new info !

Anonymous said...

The issue has been discussed with the SP, Cuddalore.
Rajendra Ratnoo, IAS
District Collector, Cuddalore

Anonymous said...

Regarding latest barriers and other safety products regarding traffic planning and are available in India...
the following sites may help...plz visit to know more!!!




Safety First !

NinA said...

District Collector

Dear Sir,
thank you very much.
an alternative to these unsafe steel barricades is highly needed..

Anonymous said...

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