Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Consumer awareness poor: survey

Following deatails are from THE HINDU's article named Consumer awareness poor: survey

Federation of Consumer Organisations — Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry (FEDCOT) conducted the survey with the help of NSS volunteers.

Here I just paste some of the selected finding of the survey.

"consumers lack basic awareness about the purity of jewellery, wastage and cost. Over 78 per cent do not attach any importance to these factors, and concentrate only on design"

"... 54 per cent buy saris named after actresses, and do not bother about the texture of materials or the mills that have made them..."

"...75 per cent of them said most of the jewellery shops did not issue bills. Even if they did, they did not specify the caratage, wastage and making charges, vital data required for moving the consumer court, in case of a dispute..." .I will post more about this particular issue later on.

"....Less than 56 per cent of the consumers were aware that the unfair trade practices could be contested in the consumer courts. They did not even insist upon the correctness of bills. Hardly 30 per cent knew that the rate of sales tax should be mentioned in the bills....."

In hotels-"..82 per cent of the customers said the bills did not carry the names of dishes and their prices..." "...28 per cent alleged that child labour was rampant in hotels.."

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